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  • Epic Writing Fails

    I won't divulge the source of these gems* but it is incredible what crap can be produced on public - or even private - money.

    There are in fact many facts affecting [sic] this fact.
    Proper-sized equipment is essential for women to do their job well.

    concludes the report with some suggestions on how to best overcome the dilemma between impartiality effectiveness and security with the help of existing and possibly improved approaches to providing military expertise and, if necessary, armed protection to enable humanitarian actors to perform the duties they have come to offer in assisting the civilian population in coping with direct and structural violence brought upon them by a natural disaster and other conditioning factors such as fragile statehood, and under-performing security sector, or the legacy of a past violent conflict.
    If they do not have such documents, deliver them to gulag.

    Sooo....any gems you have run across in your day to day surfing, reading etc.?

    *to protect the guilty

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