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Wealth of Nations - Arizona Boycott Style!

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  • Wealth of Nations - Arizona Boycott Style!

    My friends and I played a round of Wealth of Nations, role playing the spat between Arizona and California. We're all fiscal conservatives so we had to do a bit of acting. But here is how it played out.

    First, the "nations" (really that's too large a scale, WoN is more like a highly competitive Sim City) consisted of Arizona and Texas playing conservative, California and New York playing liberal, and Missouri and Florida playing indy.

    California boycotts Arizona and Arizona promptly turns out Cali's lights. Cali, now powerless and not using their farmland for the sake of the minnows, is blacked out and starving. They start buying food and power on the open market. In game terms, this is a bad thing because it drives the market value up via scarcity and hemmorages the treasury. And the funny thing is it isn't even hurting Arizona, because they make more money off of those who do buy from them thanks to the price jack.

    Eventually California runs out of capital, maxes out it's debt, and pleads with New York for more money. New York sinks itself into debt bailing out California. Meanwhile Arizona and Texas do just fine dealing with each other and the indy states.

    Eventually the New York player can no longer sustain California and Missouri and Florida aren't opening their purse strings. New York is forced with regret to pull out and California burns. Pathetic levels of production from sheer lack of resources, debt so high the final victory point score is almost in the negative, and no possibility of expansion. New York pulled out before it was too late but is now held over a barrell by Arizona. I expanded Arizona's power production and cornered the market on energy supply while similtaneously enjoying an artificially preserved bull market on the energy board thanks to Cali's spending habits - and a little speculating on my part. In short, Arizona is now the Mojave Saudi Arabia. Gas remains expensive, but I gave Texas a discount.

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    That's awesome


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      So, will all this happen in 2010 or we have to wait?
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