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  • Football...and here are the latest results

    You just ahve to read this one.....strange but true!,00.html

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    As the game kicked off, the Kurdish crowd appeared to have forgotten its traditional enemy: Saddam Hussein. Instead, they broke into a long chant of "*uck the Turks", a protest against an American-backed plan that would see thousands of Turkish troops pour into Kurdish Iraq.
    That had to be funny to see. I wonder how many guns Uday had trained on the crowd.
    "As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy."-Christopher Dawson - The Judgement of Nations, 1942


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      A good day for democracy in Turkey when the countries representatives vote aginst allowing US troops to deploy in Turkey. I imagine a new vote will take place and the esults will be different. However, for now I am pleased that the Turkish members of parliment obviously realise that 85% of the Turkish people do not want a war, even with a resolution, god bless Turkey for playing ball, well at least for the moment.


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        I think the Turkish Gov. will overide their parliament's decision, too much riding on the outcome of this war for Turkey to stay out. The Turks know if they go in on their own the Kurds will fight hard to stop them. Also billions of $$$$$ are at stake + US backing for Turkey being allowed into the EU.


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          I would agree that it's a good day for Turkish democracy. While I don't believe it was a particularly shrewd move in the long-term, it is heartening to see a country with a shaky democratic footing thumb their nose at bribes and pay attention to their electorate. Let's just hope they don't pull an Ireland and schedule another vote.

          Also, if there was ever an American Administration with a worse collection of diplomats, I've yet to come across them. As I understand it, high-handed negotiating by the American representatives put the Turks off and made the "No" vote all the easier.

          In fact, we are experiencing a time when many of the major countries have a dearth of diplomatic sense. From Chirac and Schroeder to Bush. Blair and a lesser extent Putin seem to be only one's who know what they are doing.
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            'they don't pull an Ireland and schedule another vote'.

            What does that mean?


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              Ireland's re-vote on the Nice Treaty.


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                Originally posted by Tex
                Ireland's re-vote on the Nice Treaty.
                The Government made us out to be naughty boys and girls that voted NO in the first Referendum on Nice, and told us that we were go back and vote again on the ‘Nice Treaty’ allowing for European expansion. The Irish Establishment was taken completely off guard by the vote against Nice. They had expected the Farming and Business communities to come out in force to vote but that did not happen. Instead the left wing parties, the Greens and Sinn Fein + many ordinary voters of no particular political persuasion went out and voted NO! Mostly because they have a deep unease over the growth of a European Superstate with a serious Democratic deficit and a growing military aspect. Most people are for cooperation with the other European Nations, not domination. Also they don’t want to locked into Military Alliances, which is why we are not a member of NATO.
                On the other hand the economic benefits of being part of Europe are overwhelming. So when it came to a second referendum the Farmers and business types did turn out to vote and swung the overall result to a ‘YES’ to the Nice Treaty.
                Now who said there is no point in Voting? Some cynic no doubt.


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