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  • Quest for a hobby

    I am on a quest for a hobby. A bit about me first:
    • Age: 28
      Status: Engaged (Sept. 18, 2010, after 7 years of dating)
      Employment: Editor, Community Newspaper
      Interests: Reading, dogs, military history (WWII)
      Hobbies: None

    So alas, you see the issue. My finacee drives me nuts about finding things to entertain myself with. I've tried chess, at which I'm no good. I'm great at simple little strategy games, prolonged strategy in work, life and so on, and immediate tactics. I today tried Close Combat VG... entertaining, but a bit too crazy. Need to give it more time to decide.

    Modelling is out. If it requires fine motor skills other than typing, I'm lost.

    I can't afford to travel or collect anything worth more than the cost of a book a week (unless I cut my cigarette and whiskey budget, which simply won't happen).

    I'm fascinated with the re-creation of troop movements via strategies and what not, but fear the software is over my head AND way too expensive.

    I am soon to be a subscriber to Armchair General mag.

    But I need a hobby. Really. I sit and stare for hours a day. It's not healthy.

    Please, please, help. Any suggestions are welcome!

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    Anything to do with the outdoors---hiking, fishing, cycling, etc. I find that I really relax when I'm outdoors, especially when I'm exerting energy.
    I'd keep the whiskey but get rid of the cigarettes.


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      1. If you have a car, (any kind of car, it not need be any sort of "sports" car) try Autoslalom. The video at the link is from my car club here on the east coast. That's me in the black Mustang on the racetrack doing a related sport called Sprinting:

      2. Try roleplaying games. Not the computer based ones, but the ultimate geek sport of the 80's with people sitting around a table. With the Internet, there is an almost limitless supply of cheap/free material.

      Savage Worlds is simple to learn and the combat is sophisticated enough to appeal to your tactical sense. There are a huge hosts of settings, but look up Weird War II to start
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        Another thought

        Ditch the cigarettes..try hand made cigars instead...preferably Dominican....stop drinking whiskey and try rum(preferably overproof)..get out of the house and go....CURLING!

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          Hmm most of the things people apply the label 'hobby' to, usually involve making something, or collecting something.

          Making things usually involves buying something to make.

          Collecting can be a lot of things, but hmm you need to give a hoot about what is collected.

          My wife often states 'oh I couldn't do that'. I will confess, that attitude reeeeeally pisses me off normally. My usual reply to that usually ends up like 'yes you are quite right, you're useless just as you stated'.

          Not that I want to say that to you.

          Hmm not sure what to say about the smokes and whisky. How the heck much can a person smaoke and drink that they can't afford to buy a model to put together that month?

          And there's no rule saying your kit has to please anyone else in order to be worthy. And you don't build a masterpiece on your first try either. My first kits looked like crap (all of ours did). Only important thing is, did you have fun fiddling with it?

          Role games is an ok idea, only weak area is you need about 4 bodies to join you. Not always easy to locate.

          I'm also a cabinetmaker. One thing that is easy to do, is set up a small micro shop, and produce children's wooden toys. All the parts are small and don't require a lot of stock, don't use up a lot of space and the level of complexity is not high. And you can even make a bit of cash out of it.
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            Your any editor write a historical Novel or history book involving
            our country, there would be a lot of research in it and it would
            be a hobby something to do in your spare time. For that matter
            take up skiing, skating, curling, darts there is booze involved in
            that. there is an endless number of things you could be doing.
            Personally I was never bored played Hockey regularly, worked on
            cars, went hiking up in the mountains of Alberta and hiking in
            Ontario. The list is endless.


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              Originally posted by MHowie View Post
              (unless I cut my cigarette and whiskey budget, which simply won't happen).
              Good answer!

              Sounds like you already got a fine hobby

              Here's a hearty welcome.


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                Originally posted by MHowie View Post
                My finacee drives me nuts about finding things to entertain myself with.
                Strategically, I suggest giving disrobed women on the internet a shot.
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                  My finacee drives me nuts about finding things to entertain myself with
                  Sounds like you have more problems than needing a hobby. Wait until you marry her.

                  As many have said go outside. A lot to do out there and cost little or no money. Learn the trees on sight, collect the leaves and put into folders. Id the birds in your area and learn thier songs. Go fishing. Take up photography. After the camera the cost can be very low. With just about all of the above you can carry a flask with you. Yea, leave the cigs. Who is in control after all? You or the pack of rat poison?

                  Thanks for joining us here at ACG. All in all a likeable group.

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                    Not so much a hobby but more of an experience, go on a Horseback trail ride. I had never sat on a horse till I was 25, when one day my regular golfing buddy harangued me until I gave in and we went riding instead.

                    That one day turned into a fascination and lifestyle for me, and I have never looked back. The moral of the story is 'From little things big things grow', you never know until you try.

                    PS, If you haven't tried golf give that a go as well, my tips: keep you eye on the ball, always use a higher numbered club than you think you need, play conservative and a beer or two makes a terrific muscle relaxant before the game. Golf is a fine sport, stepping out early on a sunny morning when the dew is on the grass and the birds are in the trees is a great way to feel alive.
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                      Originally posted by jose50 View Post
                      Ditch the cigarettes..try hand made cigars instead...preferably Dominican....stop drinking whiskey and try rum(preferably overproof)..get out of the house and go....CURLING!

                      Yes I'm sure you would love a bottle of the old 'Pussers', it's a hobby in itself!!
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                        Get out'a the damn house! As others suggested hiking/walking are basically free if you already have tennis shoes. There may even be organized groups in your area.

                        How about a recreational sport league if you have them?

                        While this is a wonderful place, if it and others like it are your main "hobby" your life is far too limited.

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                          I have the answer:


                          You can start fairly cheap for a couple of hundred dollars for a digital camera and cheap editing software. If you find you like it then you can spend tens of thousands of dollars on cameras, lenses, computers and expensive software.
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                            Photography is a great suggestion.Plus,it will suppliment most other hobbies you may enjoy.

                            Another great hobby/sport/pastime would be motorcycling.
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                              Other than historical matters, my hobbies are my guitar and my motorcycle.


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