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    The Wall Street Journal has published a large collection of prowar poetry. I'ce copied some highlights, much more is available from the link at the end.

    We begin with a group of poems paying tribute to those who risk their lives to defend freedom. First, "The Immigrant Soldier" by Capt. Matthew Guilanians, a U.S. Army maintenance officer:

    I was born in Middle East
    I left to escape terror
    My family came to America
    To make our lives better

    Mom and Dad worked
    I got an education
    Joined the Army
    to show my appreciation

    Now the region suffers
    Worse than when we lived there
    An evil man is charge
    The horror's too much to bear

    Let's go free the people
    Who live in those lands
    We're their other hope
    In Iraq and Iran

    Put down your signs
    Come join our team
    You have been lied to
    War is not what it seems

    I know you want peace
    But your ideals are misguided
    The world is not safe
    Your views are one-sided

    Let me go fight
    Let me go win
    Let my people be free
    Now tell me: Are you in?

    In "Act," Michael Billings laments America's failure to take previous terrorist attacks seriously:

    They shot down our helicopters
    And we did nothing
    But talk with mock bravado and shuffle off

    Down and forgotten

    They blew up our barracks
    And we did nothing
    But grumble toughly and move our bivouac

    Down and despised

    They set off bombs in the World Trade Center
    And we did nothing
    But prosecute a blind man and shake our fist at bin Laden

    Down and feckless

    They exploded the side of our ship
    And we did nothing
    Except bury sailors and vow to talk tougher

    Down in hurried shame

    They flew planes into our towers
    And we turned as one
    But this time with steel in our eyes

    Up and at them we came

    They scattered like windblown chaff
    And could do nothing
    But bite at our ankles

    Up we stood, resolved to act again

    The liberation of Afghanistan happened much sooner than just about anyone expected, and it soon became clear that the next nation to be liberated would be Iraq. Some, like Dennis Pitz, author of "Iraq Today," started out ambivalent:

    Righteous war is chewed on by so many.
    You look at the despot and know he has to go,
    but his face still gloats at you as if to say,
    come on over.
    And you wonder
    if taking him out is exactly what he's after.
    And you waver_._._.
    What must it be like?

    He thought he could resist, even after the current stuttered through him.
    He was sure he had the strength to eat the pain,
    as his nails were pulled from his fingers like splinters.
    He eyed the bucket and wondered about drowning in no more than a sink full of water; he was certain he could do it.
    It was then they drug in his daughter, and his resolve fled from him.
    In racking sobs he told them everything he thought they wanted--and more.
    They drowned him anyway, right there in the cell while the girl watched.

    Then, as they laughed, they did her too.
    The war talk on the TV drones on.
    Your child is saying
    hey daddy! this
    and hey daddy! that,
    You listen, and love, and ask her to turn up the thermostat.
    It's getting cold.

    A substantial minority (including the "Poets Against the War") emerged to press Saddam Hussein's case, or to attack President Bush. Many of our contributors had fun at the expense of the "antiwar" movement. Here's "A Liberal's Ode to Regime Change" by Dan Calabrese:

    Murder, mayhem, torture
    Unfortunate these acts
    Would that we had a perfect world
    We'd surely turn them back

    But from my purview on the left
    I've an enlightened view
    No regime's a perfect one
    We must accept it's true

    So while Saddam is clearly bad
    We all agree, oh yes
    We mustn't lose our focus
    On whom we do detest

    He's the one who terrorizes
    All that we hold dear
    By cutting taxes for the rich
    He makes it oh so clear

    He wants to drill in ANWR
    His lawman's known to pray
    He doesn't bow at Kofi's feet
    He needs to go--today!

    We lefties want regime change
    Oh let there be no doubt
    We must depose this daunting threat
    We have to throw him out!

    Saddam may be an awful thug
    Killing near and far
    But he does not cut finding
    Of our precious NPR

    So let Hussein play torture games
    It's no skin off our back
    But for the tyrant cretin Bush
    A pre-emptive attack!

    And here's a parody of Rudyard Kipling's "If," from Toby Hopf:

    If you can keep your patience with dictators when all about you
    ____Are losing theirs and blaming the U.N.,

    If you can convince yourself that you're morally superior,
    ____While your multitudes are voting for le Pen;

    If you can raise appeasement to an art form,
    ____Yet still demand your share when the fighting's done,

    Then you are the lowest son of a bitch in existence,
    ___ And--which is more--you'll be a Frenchman, my son!
    "Lord... forgive me my actions, speech and thoughts. Because, Lord, I am seriously going to kick some unrighteous ass in Your Name, Amen."
    Princess of Wands by John Ringo (Jan 2006)

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    Very Nice. Thanks Dan
    "As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy."-Christopher Dawson - The Judgement of Nations, 1942


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      Mr. B's Ego Trip
      we all saw the towers fall/but is that

      any reason at all/for this ego trip/ of

      Mr. B's/it's like suess said/ that his

      heart is 3 sizes to small/

      C'mon B. can't u see/all those kids in

      the middle east/ everyone thinks you're

      so hot/ you're not/cause it's all about

      your ego/ isn't it/

      all u people/can't u see/ this "pres"

      of ours is defiling our good country/it's

      just an ego trip/Mr. B.'s ego trip


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        Roger Adamson
        63 years old
        Willits, California

        This was my first protest of war, written on October 8, 2001 for 9/11 and the war that followed. This was my catalyst.


        War Legend
        There’s a legend that in modern times a war was called for all the nations, and thither each did bear the weapon of their highest choice, until the throng had filled the western world.

        America and Britain came resplendent in their armaments of gold, and wealth and greed their bearers were. Israel came and all did wonder that she preached the path of peace. Iran and Pakistan entered and reluctantly between them came the place Arabia. France came with Germany. And India entered at the side of Russia.

        Thus, each in turn until at last, uninvited and unheeded, came the people of peace, wrapped in a message of sharing and mercy, and in their call they did bear a multitude of doves, dear symbols of life together.

        Then America and Britain did draw closely their armaments of gold, while wealth and greed pronounced loudly that ones so poorly spoken are outcast and enemy.

        But the people did answer, by rally and word, have we in truth no welcome here and is there none in all these nations that will our words heed? Behold, we bring you sweetest mercies and beg you accept them from our hands. True we come with simple words, unheeded and uninvited, yet injustice and hunger await us at the war. We speak to you of their horrors and argue for their relief.

        Whereupon the nations, with one accord, did turn to their war. And our God cried.

        God said:

        Thou shalt not kill.
        Love thy neighbor as thy self.
        Do unto others as you would they should do unto you.
        Vengeance is mine.

        Roger Dale Adamson
        October 8, 2001

        2001 Roger Adamson


        USA is like al-Qaida
        USA is like al-Qaida

        President Bush (dubya) has defined terrorist and that definition describes the USA as well as it does the Taliban, Iraq, or anyone else.

        He has said any nation that makes and uses chemical, biological, or weapons of mass destruction and terrorizes other nations with them is a terrorist. The USA has done exactly that.

        We are like the al-Qaida because both have:

        Use our common God as an excuse to attack or threaten others
        Train our youth to hate and be ready to kill others that are “un-Godly”
        Use surprise attacks to kill innocents
        Use the biggest weapon available to kill as many innocents as possible
        Deliver those weapons using dedicated militants that are ready to die
        Gather other peoples and nations to their side to fight the “un-Godly”
        Maintain cells of dedicated militants to use against the “un-Godly” and others that do not agree with the ruling class.
        Intimidate and abuse classes of people
        Twist justice to benefit a chosen class of people
        Profit from the carnage they created
        Use chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons against their own people

        As much as we hate them they hate us and with the same reasoning


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          On George W. Bush—A Haiku
          Fear the lesser son
          who, desperate to burn bright,
          incinerates all.


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