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OT something of interest for David Weber fans

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  • OT something of interest for David Weber fans

    Since I don't feel like dreging my memory for who to pass this too via email/priv message I'm just sticking it here. A 26 episode anime is being made based on Mutineers Moon.

    Weber's also been in negotiations about a live action HH project, but that unfortunately hasn't left the NDA stage yet.
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    Yeah, thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. It does look very good.

    Hey, have you heard anything about Frank Herbet's Dune miniseries? There's one new in production right now, should be aired in March, hopefully, that is!

    I've always been an ardent fan of SciFi stuff. Though, I was never interested in Japanese anime stuff, always thought they were strange and completely filled with sexual stuff -- too immature for my taste.

    It seems the classic SciFi movies or series have been given a new life, could it be a sign of Hollywood running out of ideas?

    Oh, yeah, there's going to be a Terminator 3 movie, it should be out in summer....

    Get ready for a bloody year -- no pun intended -- in the world of entertainment, courtesy of America! :flag:

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      I'd like to see Robotech brought back,i loved that show and they never did air the final episode in the states or put it out on video.Sci-Fi is great though most of what they put out on TV is mediocre at best,and the really good series either get cancelled just when their getting interesting or not given a chance ala Space above and beyond,which could be spotty at times in the quality of the shows,though when it hit the right note it really hit.


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