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To go along with the Congressional Medal of Honor...

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  • To go along with the Congressional Medal of Honor...

    The Congessional Space Medal of Honor

    Established by Congress on 29 SEP 1969. Awarded by the President in the name of Congress to civilian or military astronauts who, while performing their duties, distinguish themselves by exceptionally meritorious efforts and contributions to the welfare of the Nation and humanity.

    The design contains a 1/4 carat diamond at its center,
    which makes it the only US decoration with a precious stone.

    It is a non-military decoration and ranks after all military decorations.

    Awardees include:
    John Glenn, 1978.
    Neil Armstrong, 1978.
    Alan Shepard, 1978.
    Frank Borman, 1978.
    Pete Conrad, 1978.
    Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom, 1978 (posthumously).
    John Young, 1981.
    Tom Stafford, 1992.
    Jim Lovell, 1995.
    Shannon Lucid, 1996.
    Roger B. Chaffee, 1997 (posthumously).
    Edward H. White, 1997 (posthumously).
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      Nice. Only awarded to US citizens I assume?

      Soviet and Canadian medal collector!


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