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F-15 Rocks Small Town

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  • F-15 Rocks Small Town

    F-15 Show Unauthorized, But Not Unsafe
    An F-15 pilot broke the rules but didn't violate safety procedures when he rocked the normally quiet town of Geneseo, Ill., with a population of only 6,500, experienced a fly-by on Feb. 13. Maj. Whitney Sieben was subjected to "administrative action" for failing to ask the Oregon Air National Guard if he could use their airplane for an aerial tribute to his dying grandmother. And while Jean Sieben (who died 11 days later) and the rest of the Sieben clan were all ready for the jet display, the rest of the town wasn't. The police received more than 100 calls about the incident, which occurred shortly after the terrorism alert status in the U.S. had been raised to orange and the country was preparing for war in Iraq. The Air National Guard investigated and found that Sieben did not get prior approval to fly the impromptu air show. The probe also found that Sieben did not perform the barrel rolls and loops that so many witnesses claim to have seen. The jet was joined in the display by a light plane flown by Sieben's uncle, state Sen. Todd Sieben.

    I was sitting in my house when this occured. ^^^Jean Sieben as mentioned in the article lives right next to me and was strafing my house the most. My friend felt some of the afterburners as he flew over his head. It was awesome. Some idiots in the town thought it was Osama Bin Laden. :crazy: .

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    Well I hope he didn't get too much in trouble. It was for a good cause.

    Soviet and Canadian medal collector!


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      It was pretty cool though. It's sad she died though.

      His punishments were not disclosed...


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