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  • I Hate Chickenhawks

    I hate chickenhawks. I'm in no way rational about my hatred of chickenhawks. I think they should be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

    Chickenhawk n. A person enthusiastic about war, provided someone else fights it; particularly when that enthusiasm is undimmed by personal experience with war; most emphatically when that lack of experience came in spite of ample opportunity in that person’s youth.

    Chickenhawk-in-Chief: Richard "Dick" Cheney

    Conflict Avoided: Vietnam

    Notes: Says he had "other priorities." Proud holder of six defferments.

    Deputy Chief of Chickenhawks: Paul Wolfowitz

    Conflict Avoided: Vietnam

    Deputy Secretary for Defense - yet another Bush administration man in the Pentagon who has no idea what it's like to wear a uniform. He got a BA at Cornell in 1965. Maybe if we'd had a guy as bright as he thinks he is in Vietnam, the entire war would have turned out differently.

    Sometimes I wonder if Heinlein had the right idea in Starship Troopers. Maybe you should only get a vote if you serve the nation in some capacity. I'm not necessarily saying only military service. Peace Corp, Americorps, etc... all those would be acceptable. However, if your not willing to give to your country, maybe you should not have a say in how the country is run.

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    Are you kidding me? Heinlein had a lot of things right! I mean come on, power armor is awesome! :P

    But no it's a valid point, and so is the disgust with Chickenhawks... especially Cheney. Mr. We-Do-Business-With Iraq-Through-Loopholes-Until-I-Become-Vice-President-And-Tell-Bush-We-Should-Invade-It.
    “To discriminate against a thoroughly upright citizen because he belongs to some particular church, or because, like Abraham Lincoln, he has not avowed his allegiance to any church, is an outrage against that liberty of conscience which is one of the foundations of American life.”


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