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What about Iraq's weapons debts?

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  • What about Iraq's weapons debts?

    Prior to Hussein's downfall, he signed contracts for military hardware. With France for multi billions and with Russia for at least hundreds of millions, possibly billions. The operative question now is "should the 'new' Iraq be compelled to pay for these munitions?" Usually in such a case, munitions debts are forgiven, allowing that the deposed dictator's debts should not become the last injustice inflicted on his people.

    In this case now, the French are all but demanding payment. The Russians have expressed their feelings more in the terms of a request, but nonetheless saying that payment should be made.

    So what do you think - are these debts legitimate obligations of the Iraqi Government to come? Why or why not?
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    Yes, it's certainly a legally legitimate debt, but I'm not so sure if it is a morally legitimate one.

    What I'm getting at is that I don't really know how ethical it is to ask the Iraqi people to honour the debt for weapons that were used by their corrupt government to keep THEM under heel.

    It would be a bit like you shooting me, and then demanding that I pay for the bullets!

    On the one hand, once the oil is flowing properly, Iraq should EASILY be capable of paying back the debt - on the other hand, it's France and Russia so I say screw 'em.

    As an aside - do we all see now why the French were against the war? It wasn't on "moral" grounds at all, they knew they wouldn't get paid once it was all over because the people they had dealt with weren't going to be there any more.

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      Wait a minute! Wasn't Iraq under an embargo? Last I checked, an 'embargo' ment you couldn't sell anything to a country. So why is France demanding payment for illegal services not rendered? They were sending Saddam Mirage jets and parts until just a few weeks before we invaded. Screw them!

      And Germany too! Wasn't the German company selling SH stuff to make 'agricultural chemicals' (i.e., chemical weapons) the same one that made the chemicals for the Nazi gas chambers? Screw them too!

      As for Russia, why are they still making weapons? Aren't they already behind on their obligations to the Space Station?

      Sorry if I sound a little too angry on this.
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        Do't forget Barriman up until shortly before the Kuwait Inviasion we were helping to fund Saddam's purchase of Russian weapons. He was the good guy and Iran were the bad guys. The big debts were run up before the '91 war and before the embargos.

        Actually Russian is hoping to use the debts to get a similar deal they had with Saddam. Major oil field management contracts.
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