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Your Top Three War Movies

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  • Your Top Three War Movies

    List your top three war movies.

    My choices:

    1. The Sands of Iwo Jima
    2. The Thin Red Line
    3. Full Metal Jacket
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    Too many than 3 to list, but 3 I could watch over and over and over again are:

    Battleground (101st in Bastogne)
    A Bridge to Far (Operation Market Garden)
    Gettysburg (Gettyeburg)


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      A Bridge too Far
      We were soldiers.

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        i disagree

        im going to have to disagree with you Geeky Nerd, Full metal Jacket was a terrible wat movie. yeah it was good for laughs but when it comes down to fact it was just plain wrong. i especially dont like war movies that glorifies war as much as full metal jacket did...i mean no ones leg is going to be blown apart from 500 yards away with a german eqivilent to a MP-5
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          1. Blackhawk Down
          2. All Quiet On The Western Front
          3. Cross of Iron

          honorable mention:
          The Beast
          Full Metal Jacket
          Zulu (starring the young, handsome Michael Caine! haha)
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            1. Taras Bulba
            2. Gods and Generals
            3. Sands of Iwo Jima

            (If I had to pick 3 really good ones...there are lots more...and these 3 are not in order.)
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