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Bush SR. vs Bush Jr.

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  • Bush SR. vs Bush Jr.

    Back in '91 President Bush senior did a very admirable job in gathering together a coalition of nations to take on Iraq.

    His son, Bush junior, on the other hand has a less than splendid record in this regard. He has commited numerous faux pas in trying to bring the UN onside with US policies. His "your with us or your against us" speech and his "Axis of Evil" speech are two particular gaffes that come to mind.

    I believe many around the world share his position on terrorism and even on Iraq. If he could only keep his feet out of his mouth long enough, he could probably garner a lot more support from the world community.

    I must admit though that Bush junior has a much more difficult job to perform than his father did. After all, Bush junior doesn't have the benefit of Iraq's naked aggresion that his father did.
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    I don't think most countries would support a war with Iraq no matter who was President. They have their own domestic political reasons for being against the war.
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      I better dig myself in after this comment.Bush's axis of evil speech only stated what most Americans have felt about these three particular countries for years.Remember he was also chastised for stating that America would defend Taiwan against any Chinese attack,once again he was only saying what the facts were.I personaly don't believe his comment did any damage to our relations with any of these countries,especially Iran.The media screamed that he had damaged any chance of reconcilation with the "moderate" goverment in that country,but my hunch is a moderate Iranian goverment is a completely different beast than what most people would associate with that word.Wasn't there some kind of poll or some other such thing conducted that showed most Iranians would privately welcome being "liberated" by the US?

      Hmm..that was almost coherent...i think i need to hit the sauce a bit harder.


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        Do you think North Korea would be taking the action they're taking if bush hadn't made the axis of evil speech ??
        Well, they probably would; Kim Jong-Il is a little psycho.

        I'm mainly talking about US relations with the rest of the world. The US since Bush junior is looked upon as the bully on the block even more so than they were before. I think Dubya has a little too simplistic a view of the world out there.

        The nations of the world resent the fact that the US is the only hyperpower left and the real problem is that Bush is pushing his weight around.
        Scientists have announced they've discovered a cure for apathy. However no one has shown the slightest bit of interest !!


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          Simpilism isn't what got us into these problems in the first place,if anything trying to be too sophistcated in our foreign policy was.point in case Saudi Arabia.


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            The Axis of Evil speech did nothing, but provid our enemies with a big stick to beat us with. Bush might be expressing US beliefs. However, his statements cater to a much larger audience. Therefore he should think before speaking. Bush is a straightforward, tell it like it is, type of President. Unfortunately, telling people like it is in a straightfoward manner can often be seen as offensive and inconsiderate. As a result, people refuse to listen to anything he might have to say, no matter how justified.

            Bush Jr. lacks the political and diplomatic skills his father possessed. Bush Sr was a long time member of the the exclusive Washington Club, who knew how the game worked. His greatest achievement was not gatehring a coalition against Iraq, but how he blackmailed Congress into supporting the effort. In Agust 1990, there was little Congressional support for a war with Iraq. So Bush went about gathering support internationally. Then he went back to Congress and said "how can you not approve of a cause the world completely supports?" Congressional leaders, not wanting to risk our status in the world, had no choice, but to vote in support of military action.

            Bush Jr, has tripped since the word go. Even before 9/11, he was going to places like Germany and "speaking his mind." You just don't do that. Many Americans were angry at how Kofi Annan lectured the US. However, Bush Jr had done the same thing in the year or so prior to the Sept. 12, 2002 assembly.

            This is business and Bush should not take so much so personally. He must maintain a level of emtional detachment to ensure he can be objective. However, he is not doing that. Yes, I strongly support his level of commitment. He is not wavering in the face of international pressure to do things the "old way." Yet, Bush must remember his bold approach to diplomacy is actually causing us more problems than it is solving.

            Yet, despite all Bush's imperfections as a statesman, the lack of world support, as Chuck suggested, is not linked to Bush alone. Most of Europe is content with pursuing a failed policy of patience and appeasement. Many have distorted reality to obscure their own selfish beliefs. Most of Europe doesn't want to go to war because Saddam is not a threat to them. In the future, it's better that countries like Germany, France, and the rest not waste paper and sign agreements they never intended to honor. Most of Europe is hiding behind the false ideal of morality. I would listen more if they emerged from their fake self-righteous shell and grasp the real issues that might concerns this situation.

            There are valid reasons for not going to war in Iraq. However, they are not based on the Saddam and WMDs. The US has failed to provide a clear nation-building plan with clear achievable goals. This could turn into a real problem in the future. Burning flags and chanting down with America won't get them very far, but a colder shoulder the next time the US is needed. Europe should grasp the real argument for not going to war besides hiding behind the most convenient.
            "As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy."-Christopher Dawson - The Judgement of Nations, 1942


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              Bush Sr and Bush Jr are both in dire need of urgent psychiatric attention.


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