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Mosque hit in Fallujah

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  • Mosque hit in Fallujah

    Whether you believe it to be justified or not (I do believe so) this is bad news. Coalition forces have scrupulously avoided even going near mosques and other religious facilities. On can be certain that al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya and other extremist mouthpieces will make the most of this incident, no doubt claiming that it shows our disrespect for Islam, our imperialist designs on Iraq, and other highly spurious charges. Of course, the presence of terrorists conductin gcombat operations for the courtyard and inside of the mosque will conveniently be left out. The gloves are truly off now, and the "real" fight begins. It is possible that violent action may occur in the US, perhaps foremost in Dearborn, Michigan, home to the largest Arab population (approx. 130,000) outside the Middle East. This surely justifies a larger presence in Iraq, though surely this will not be well received in Iraq and the Arab world in general - they will likely characterize such an increase as yet another example of "imperialism" In my opinion, a force of no less than 250,000 and as high as 400,000 is warranted (including Coalition forces). Terrorist/extremist operations will only escalate, and CENTCOM and the soldiers and Marines must be prepared for anything. Expect the death toll on both sides to increase sharply, including many unfortunate civilians. Was this foreseen last spring? If not, it should have been - we have been studying terrorist and extremist tactics and operations for many years and the tactics seen in Iraq are nothing new.

    Another consideration must be our forces in Afghanistan - a sizeable number of Taliban and other extremists remain in country and will certainly respond to today's events in their typically violent and indiscriminate manner.

    Finally, our troops and citizens in Arab countries would do well to leave or stay indoors. No doubt we will see several days of demonstrations against the presence in Iraq, and against the US in general.
    Mens Est Clavis Victoriae
    (The Mind Is The Key To Victory)

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