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    I know its a little off topic for a wargame site but i'm curious.Why hasn't anyone ever come out with a game based upon the Conan series of novels?I would love to see a strategic level game based on the Hyborean Age,or maybe even something more akin to the FALLOUT i the only one who would like to see something like this done,and do you think there will ever be a chance for such a game to be done?

    Its not like there isn't a precedent for such a game,just last year a game was released that was based upon H.P. Lovecrafts novels,boy would i like to find that one.There was even a game for the old Sega Genesis based upon the Buck Rodgers series,Buck Rodgers and the Doomsday machine i believe it was called.Now that was a fun game.Part RPG and part tactical combat,you didn't actually play Buck but you played a group of new NEO recruits and you picked each ones skills when you first started a game.Combat was good for the time and there was even a chance of Combatants missing a Zero Gravity check whenever spaceship combat would turn into ship boarding raids if you so choose.Oh well like i said just wondering

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    Any game akin to the FALLOUT series is worth playing. Those were classic games. Conan novels would fit the system beautifully.
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      My point exactly.So why hasn't anyone done such a thing.if your like me and had the pleasure of reading the original stories or even the graphic novels,not the cheesy modern knockoffs,Then you would see that this is a subject that lends itself to a great game.Like i said a strategic game would be great,though a more personal level game would also be good.There is a huge fanbase for this guy out there,so why hasn't anybody even considered a game.

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        I remember the first time I saw the game for Dune.

        All I could think was, none of this was in any of the books I ever read?

        I think making games based off of popular books, runs a danger of their being treated the same as a lot of films that miss details or alter specifics.

        Some will like the game, but there will be so much bitching and chewing over the game not being "done right".

        Me personally, I would be unwilling to make a game based off of a well known book for just that reason.

        I might make a Conanish looking game, but I would definitely not put the Conan name on it.

        Far better to follow the lead of Steel Panthers, and make so many ASL fans like myself, happy to call it the ASL of computer wargames.
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          Your right about the altering of books to games or even movies.Though i think Dune also suffered from being real-time,and the fact there was almost no story to the game.All it was,was build build build.Though i'll never forget the first time i played and one of my infantry units were happily going about exploring the map when a sandworm just came up under him and had itself some lunch.


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            ah emperor battle for dune. A rather perplexing title. I liked it, many didnt
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              Heh heh...looks like i got a playa hata...theres a few more threads down below that you can rate poorly


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