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A question for our Yank Brethren...

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  • A question for our Yank Brethren...

    Can you remember the good old days when this forum was a going concern, and not a cowboy ghost town after the silver mine went bust?
    If you can, you'll recall that there was more than one contributor that was either, a serving, or recently ree-tired LEO (got that from NCIS )? One of 'em was a bona-fida Cheyenne Indian Chief, if memory serves?
    Well, my question is...
    When you've captured, handcuffed and got a baddie face down in the dust next to a cop car, surrounded by a bunch of yer mates, why do you have to kill him...
    Is it 'cos he's black?
    The long toll of the brave
    Is not lost in darkness
    Over the fruitful earth
    And athwart the seas
    Hath passed the light of noble deeds
    Unquenchable forever.

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    That's insulting to LEO's everywhere and to Americans in particular. I have been to twenty eight countries in my lifetime, and everywhere I have seen far worse, even in your country of "perfidious Albion".
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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      I would not think now was a good time to cast stones with the grooming gang scandal and 1984 levels of censorship going on.

      Every country has it's own problems. The answer to the question of brutality has many components, frontier values as foundational, higher rates of crime in a larger more diverse population, a less complacent and conformist population due to genetics, a greater conflict between rights and obligations, the lack of interaction between classes due to suberbian demographics, a lack of a history of class structure, certainly the history of slavery and Jim Crow, differences in attitudes about public service reducing the pool from which police can be drawn, larger numbers of low average IQ individuals, to name just a few causations.
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