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    Hey Folks,

    I just picked up a copy of the magazine last week, and its the magazine I dreamed of making. I always found history to be so much more interesting if you have a feeling of being involed in it and thats just what this magazine does. I am going to get a subscription. anyways, on to my question.

    Spring is near and it making me think of what to do this summer. I want to go to Europe and see european culture, yet at the same time I would love to see some historical battlefields.

    Anyone been on these tours? I am guessing its mostly older folks who take these tours but I wanta go even if I look like the odd man out. I would like to see normandy, and WWI battle sites.

    Any recomendations of Tour guides? or words of wisedom? its gonna cost me a shiny penny, but its something I wanted to do since I was a little guy.

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    Glad you like the Magazine!
    I took a tour of Normandy with Ambrose Tours of New Orleans. It was a good experience! FYI you might want to avoid Normnady this is the 6oth anniversary of DDAY and it will be a zoo. If you do plan to go to Normandy anytime this summer PLAN FAR AHEAD. everything will be sold out.
    I always wanted to visit Bastonge and the Arnhem campaign region...maybe this summer.
    Best way to go is read everything you can before going and find a local tour guide if possible.
    For Normandy and Arnhem you must buy "Major Holt's Battlefield Guide." They are very detailed with great maps and available from Amazon.
    Armchair General Magazine
    Weider History Group


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