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    One of my best friends nephews is a soldier who was critcally wounded in the ongoing war in Iraq. He was wounded by a suicide bomber in the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul. PFC Clunen was interviewed recently by TIME Magazine. His Captain credits Randall with saving many American lives by opening fire on the oncoming suicide bomber driving to the HQ of the 101st Airborne unit in Mosul. The suicide bomber detonated the truck early wounding 41 US soldiers, 4 seriously. PFC Clunen was one of the seriously injured. He stayed conscious the whole time after being wounded although his eardrums were shattered and sharpnel had engulfed itself in various parts of his body and tearing away portions on his cheek. I feel that this soldier is a true American hero doing what he believed was right, especially in this life threatening circimstance. If you could please read more on him and possbily do a article on him that would be great!


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