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  • Are these any good

    I can't play any games right now,so what do i get as an early Christmas guessed it,but back to the point.I received three games Empire Earth,Pearl Harbor attack! Attack! and Pharaoh,and am wondering if they are worth even installing when i am able to play.I have a sneaking suspicion that at least one of these is a stinker.Any one know anything about them?

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    Pearl thing sucks big time, it's a no-brainer! Pharaoh is like SimCity if you ever played it before. As for Empire Earth, I don't know, I've never played that one before.

    As far I am concerned, I am eager for the only two PC games: Master of Orion 3 and Medieval: Total War. I just got the Medieval: Total War a couple of days ago, and am playing it, it's great, and it's very addictive! It's about a combination of a turn-based strategy game and 3D battlefield where you get to fight with about 10,000 troops in real time! Yeah, I ain't kidding!

    Dump them and get Medieval: Total War! Oh yeah, I forget about Master of Orion 3, but it won't come out until after Xmas. I'm really disappointed in that, but it's a worthwhile wait. It's been in development for a couple of years right now. So, I am still looking forward to it. I think both games are way better than some war games, no offense to every warmonger!

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      Just bought Medieval today but have not had a chance to install it yet. It looks like one that will live up to expectations.


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        Thanks for the advice Cheetah772.


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          DONT BUY PEARL HARBOR!!!! I only hope im not too late. In this pitiful exscuse for a game u control a quad .50 turret that rotates in a semi 3D world. Shooting at terrible sprites of zeros with the occasional make believe design of a supposed american plane.

          Empire Earth. Its good. It can also be very frusterating. I recommend playing this game in a online or civ building mode first before you attempt the tutorials or campaigns, which are the toughest that I have ever played. This is the best Hardcore RTS out there. If youre kinda flimsy on it wait until Command And Conquer: Generals comes out.

          Pharoh: Its ok. But its Sierra, so theres your money's worth.I reccomend te excellent Caeser games upon which Pharoh is based. Its good, but pathfinding issues clog what could have been a mich better, less frusterating game.

          I hope I helped atleast a little bit.
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            Thanks Headshot,too bad i was already given the pearl game.I tried out the Pharaoh game over on a friends computer,I already own caesars II and III,and really the game got a little monotonous as its just like playing those only in Egyptian clothing.


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              If you enjoy Caesers i reccomend trying EE or age of mythology
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                Pharao could be ok if you liked Caesar, but as you mentioned, it's basically the "look" that changes.
                Pearl Harbour is the stinker!

                Empire Earth was the best real-time strategy game out there, it spans the whole written history of mankind and even a funny outlook into the future, until Age of Mythology came out.
                The two games are so different in scope that it is not really fair to compare them AND it is no lost money to buy both of them.
                Both have their ups and downs, although I haven't found any downs yet in AOM (I own it only since Xmas so it won't be long to find them...)
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