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Want to go to Tobruk?

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  • Want to go to Tobruk?

    Now you can. Libya is returning to the community of Nations...and the US has just allowed its citizens to visit and do business in Libya legally. Battlefield tours anyone?

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    and pack all the sand, ... presumably even in your stomach and lung, ... all the way back? ...

    nah .. I'd rather watch H-channel
    (maybe Dan McBride will drive there by himself )
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      Libya tourism - visit Tobruk

      I think its great! Personally, I 'd like to stage a recreation of the campaigns for Tobruk - maybe Qaddhafi with loan us some troops to use for cannon fodder. Just imagine a recreation of the siege.
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        El Alamein

        I went to El Alamein when I was in Egypt for the last war.Anybody want to see my pics?


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          Sure thing, BW! Not too large, please!
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            Re: El Alamein

            Originally posted by BlackWatch42rhr
            I went to El Alamein when I was in Egypt for the last war.Anybody want to see my pics?
            YES!! please post some of those and if you don't mind email me a selection as well... might have use in the magazine some day. i will PM you my email.
            Why don't you also give us your impressions of your visit there.
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              I wonder how much of the old Tobruk perimeter posts are still there. It would be kind of neat to walk along the perimeter, and drop into a few of the old concrete trenches.


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