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Kerry Democrats resort to Mcarthist tactic on Bush

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  • Kerry Democrats resort to Mcarthist tactic on Bush

    To the Editors,

    In one of the most shameful episodes of American Political History, a Wisconsin Senator, Joe McCarthy made unfounded, unsubstantiated accusation to destroy political opponents rather then debate issues. Today we are seeing a repeat of the shameful tactics of McCarthyism. This time, instead of a single Senator, a whole political party is engaging in McCarthy style tactics. The current DNC (Democratic National Committee) lead smear campaign against President Bush, actively abetted by Senator John Kerry's Presidential Campaign, is nothing more then McCarthyism. It is "not
    just "politics as usual" it is a despicable campaign of deliberate lies and character assassination and all members of the "News Media" should be utterly ashamed of being a partner to it. Unable to actually debate ideas and issues the DNC, and its activists allies, have engaged in a daily campaign of lies and
    distortions against President Bush. Day after day, Democratic Party Leaders, Major Newspaper Editorial Pages, so called "News" journals as well as supposed "news" stories, repeat the most wild, unsubstantiated accusation about President Bush. Then, the "Press", rushes to the White House and demand that a war time President waste his time PROVING these hysteric, wild accusation
    untrue! The same "News Media" that always demanded coo berating witnesses and documented evidence before even reporting President Bill Clinton's misconducts, now repeats the most hysterical accusations about Bush without a shred of serious evidence. Once the President provides the demanded evidence, the supposedly objective "news" media and their leftist activists allies, invent
    new demands rather then admit the original accusations were complete fabrications. NOT ONE TIME, has the Press asked ANY of the accusers to provide the slightest bit of evidence to support their McCarthy style smear attacks.

    Despite the repeated hysteric claims by leftists pundits, like Peter Beinart, James Carville and Paul Begala, that the accusations themselves are "evidence", no documentary evidence, or even a credible cooberating witnesses, have yet been produced by, or demanded of, the Bush accusers. Note that. The DNC backed Bush accusers have been completely unable to provide a shred of real evidence to back up their nonsensical accusations about the either the Iraq War or Bush's Military Service. The Bush accusers currently being "interviewed" by the press, are only able to repeated accusations, hearsay and rumor not offered even a shred of proof. The "journalists" are now currently trying to rationalize their excess coverage of this non-story by claiming "Oh, there are gaps in the records". Utter NONSENSE! As even the most hysterically partisan Democrat should have the intellectual honesty to admit, lack of proof of innocence is NOT proof of guilt! In any rational debate the BURDEN OF PROOF rest on the ACCUSERS, not the ACCUSED! These DNC activists with their slanderous accusations have NOT even been asked, or provided a shred of proof! These transparently sleazy tactics demonstrate clearly that the current Democratic Leadership, and Senator John Kerry, are completely unfit for ANY measure of political power. We, the voters, are not fooled by these gutter tactics. If the Democrats want political power back, they need to prove they have better vision for American's future then the Republicans. Senator Kerry could take a step toward earning back the voters trust by publicly, and repeatedly, demanding that those supporting his campaign, vigorously rebuke those in the Democratic leadership, and the so called "News" media, that are engaging in this McCarthy style smear campaign

    Senator Kerry will not do that, of course, since he has nothing to offer the American people
    BUT these slanderous attack. Senator Kerry's only hope to be President is to
    convince voters to vote against President Bush since he can offer them NOTHING to vote for. Senator Kerry has yet to offer the American people even the slightest idea of what a Kerry Administration would do in power!. What does Senator Kerry stand for? Nobody, not even I suspect
    Senator Kerry, knows! The current McCarthyist behavior of the Democratic Party Leadership, eagerly abetted by a supposedly objective "News Media", clearly demonstrates they are worthy of nothing but the American people's contempt

    John Knight
    [email protected]
    6456 Tanager Lane
    Eden Prairie, MN 55346

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    Kerry offers the MOST important thing, that Bush cant offer.

    He ISNT Bush.

    People in teh United States dont vote for a candidate, they vote AGAINST a candidate.

    I dont want to hear the load you just posted, creeps like you
    laid into Clinton, with NOTHING any better than innuendo.
    You did it for Eight years.

    Paybacks a bitch.


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      Nothing any better than innuendo? I guess that's a good a name as any for that stuff on Monica's dress. If Monica weren't such a packrat, Clinton would still be claiming he never had sexual relations with that woman.

      The whole Clinton era was marked by an "innuendo" a day for eight years, starting with the post office scandal and ending with pardons R us, to say nothing about saving all them little chillin's down in Waco by burning them alive. I would list all the Clinton scandals but I don't won't to be coming down with carpel tunnel syndrome.

      The fact is Clinton was arguably the most corrupt President in the history of the republic and the only reason he was not removed from office was a democratic majority in Congress that took lessons from the O.J. jury and ignored the DNA.

      You want some innuendo, you could start with the ridiculous allegations that Bush stole the elections, had advance warning of 9/11, deserted the Air National Guard, has single-handedly wrecked the eco-system, and of course, our favorite, "it's all about oil." Each and every one of these little fairy tales is nothing but innuendo, without a shred of evidence to support any of them.

      The one thing Bush has going for him is he's not Al Gore, or John F Kerry, the PX hero who served four months in Vietnam before returning to the United States with medals he did not deserve and joined Jane Fonda in accussing his fellow soldiers of mass murder and war crimes.
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        Kerry's purple hearts

        He won his first Purple Heart when he was wounded slightly on an arm. But if a wound draws blood "even shaving," as irreverent GIs often say it's worth a Purple Heart.

        His Silver Star:

        A gunner aboard the swift sprayed the hootch with .50-caliber machine-gun bullets, and Lt. Kerry leaped from the boat to administer the coup de grace to the wounded Viet Cong.

        He killed a dead guy. It's a pity everyone who fired a weapon in Vietnam didn't win a Silver Star. But then everyone in Vietnam wasn't a trust fund kid with enough connections to get himself rotated out after four months, like Kerry and his buddy Al Gore.

        John Kerry's tribute to his fellow veterans:

        From Statement by John Kerry to the Senate Committee of Foreign Relations
        April 23, 1971 describing his fellow soldiers

        "they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Ghengis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country."
        Vietnam Veterans against Kerry
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          Originally posted by Doggie

          The one thing Bush has going for him is he's not Al Gore, or John F Kerry, the PX hero who served four months in Vietnam before returning to the United States with medals he did not deserve and joined Jane Fonda in accussing his fellow soldiers of mass murder and war crimes.
          I agree Kerry and Clinton are scum, Al Gore's a nobody.
          And Bush wants to turn back the clock 100 years.

          Can't the American people be given someone, good and admirable to choose?

          I keep hoping, The last ones I liked were Bush Sr. and Gerald Ford, and Ford wasn't even ellected, that says something about the corruption and stupidity of our current system.

          The biggest offenders against the constitution is our own Government, they only pay lip service to it.

          Sorry; got carried away.


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