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China Supports Bush on WMDS

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  • China Supports Bush on WMDS

    What was that the leftist have been screaming? "Bush has damaged the US's International Standing, everyone hates us."

    What about this little article? China is supporting President Bush's call for action on Weapons of Mass Destruction! See, I know this really, really confuses the political left but this is what it means to be a leader.

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    In the US, "left" means "liberal". The old "left" means "communism". They are totally different, if no contradicting.

    China is by no means "liberal" to the least stand.
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      China & WMD

      In fact, there are few nations that do not support us on WMDs, and proliferation in general. Far from damaging our international relations, our standing has been considerably elevated since President Bush took office. Certainly France, but then that is no surprise. Possibly Germany, most likely because, I think, they view themselves (rightly) as a world power. Not a superpower, but certainly a world power. This being the case, they would prefer to be consulted on operations of worldwide import. Russia, probably, and this be for several reasons: 1) the have aspirations to being a superpower, but are well aware that they are not; 2) as with Germany, they would like to be consulted on such major operations; 3) much as they may have liked to, it would been impossible for them to haved contributed troops to Iraqi Freedom. At present, the Russian armed forces are capable of little more than internal security - witness their performance in Chechnya

      Otherwise, every nation that had a favorable opinion of us prior to 20 January 2001, still does, and other nations that have a negative opinion of us now, felt the same prior to 20 January 2001.

      Yes, it is well-known that President Bush's primary, loudest, and most vitriolic detractors are your garden- variety knee-jerk liberals. The Kennedys, the Bidens, the Franks, the Pelosis, the Boxers, et al ad nauseam. They and their hidebound, socialistic ethos have warped their minds to the point that independent thought is no longer possible.
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        Concerning the proliferation of WMD's France has the same view as the Americans about it. Currently it seems that it is Pakistan who has problems with proliferation of nuclear material and technology and is guilty, when everybody spoke about Saddam and his WMD's.

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