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Humvees vs. Hummers

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  • Humvees vs. Hummers

    Besides strapping on 200 lbs. of equipment and throwing myself out the door of an aircraft in motion, driving a Humvee was the next of the most fun things I liked in my Army career. Here's an article just posted by MSN:

    Humvees vs. Hummers
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    Absolutely a very cool vehicle, albeit a bit too expensive for a normal family... I guess that is why the cheesey H2 came in
    Attn to ALL my opponents:

    If you sent me your turn and after 24 hours, you still did not get anything from me, please be sure to post in the forum to ask for what is going on.

    Remember, I ALWAYS reply within 24 hours, even if I do NOT have time to play my turn, in which case I will at least send you email to tell you that I will have to play it later, but I DO receive your turn.


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      The original Popular Mechanics article on the Hummer came out in August 1992 right before my engineer unit deployed to south Florida with JTF Andrew for Hurricane Andrew relief. After the first two weeks, there was a steady stream of folks wanting to gawk and take pictures of the devastation. Trying to shoo them out of the area, my guys kept answering the same question from the civilians as they pointed to our Humvees: "Are these things worth the money they're asking for them?" Our standard joking response was, "If you don't mind the leaks during the rain...and if you could get a great stereo system for it and keep the sixty (M60) or the Ma Deuce (M2 .50) in the turret mount...."

      For the civilians who haven't had the opportunity to drive or ride in one, stop by the Airborne and Special Operations Museum the next time you are in downtown Fayetteville, NC. After spending several hours touring the displays, stop in the "Pitch, Roll and Yaw Vista Dome Motion Simulator". The seating tilts and moves in sync with a short film giving examples of how special operating forces deploy to the battlefield. A portion of the film is spent riding hellbent down a rutted trail. Your viewing perspective has you driving the Humvees. Enjoyable bone-jarring thuds bring back memories. My fiancee' despises the H2's but loves the original military version Humvees. She's a keeper!


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        I couldn't afford a I built the next best thing!

        Our forefathers died to give us freedom, not free stuff.

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          hell yeah that thing is awsome


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