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suicide bombers wanted...sign up here

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  • suicide bombers wanted...sign up here

    Greetings boys and girls...are you tired?lonely?looking for adventure?want to make a youre voice heard?tired of only middle easterners blowing themselves up for a cause?

    NOW, not only Middle Easterners are the only ones having a blast blowing themselves up for a cause..NOW,you can too, with RB's suicide bomber kit.Its simple and easy to use!!!The kit contains...

    1 smart looking vest with lots of pockets,rings,velcro straps and locks...It will take more than a anti-terrorist group with a cutting torch to remove you from youre explosive friend!!!

    1 pack of explosives...TNT,C4,Napalm and nukes(see below for terms of nuclear armament).

    1 detonator of youre choice (fuse,button,time delay...we have it all).

    1 video cassette of you stating why you want to be a caucasion martyr!!!

    1 snazzy riverbravo headband with YOURE name embroidered in the color of youre choice

    1 night on the town wich includes 1 night at the New Orleans Holiday inn on Canal St (easy french quater access).300 bucks spending money,a buffet of drugs and booze,and a variety of hookers(being as its New Orleans RB's suicide inc. doesnt gaurantee they will be all female) and one Pat Obriens hurricane souvenier glass.

    1 visit with a preacher of the religion you use (after the night in New Orleans and youre soon to be death you mite need it)

    1 check for 100,000 bucks that will bounce as high as an over inflated basketball!

    Youre low price...... youre finest woman of the family under 25 or 500 US dollars (cash)

    If you chose our "nuke Package" we only ship outside the US!!

    Have fun kids and sign up below and tell were you bought it!!

    Armchair general does not agree with the views of RB's suicide kits inc.:terms:

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    You forgot to mention the Virgins.
    " If it be now, tis not to come: if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come: the readiness is all"


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