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  • not bad

    Hi guys....I like the way you have youre forums broken into sections.

    I really like the "war on terror" board and also the way you guys have broken down into war sections.

    The colors are nice and mellow also with a good selection of

    you guys also have a resident sig maker....Hi Tiger!!

    Keep up the good work and this board should thrive nicely!!

    When can we expect the first edition of the Mag?

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    Heya RB.

    The mag is scheduled to hit the shelves the beginning of Feb; I don't know of an exact date.
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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      I aim to please I tried several things with you RB and I decided to upload 2 of them I am not happy with 2 of the 4 I have done. I like the blue one, the other one just does not seem to mesh well to me. But save them both on your hard drive no sense in throwing them both away, but let me know which you will be using and will keep it on the site. Enjoy, and will be trying the other idea too


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        Poo the white did not show on my comp let me get that off:crazy:


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            Yikes....tough choice...both are good.:thumb:

            Im leaning towards the white one,I mite use the other one on another board.

            thanks a lot!!


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              I cant get my sig up


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                  Hey I am here you have ICQ?


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                    RB get ICQ and get ahold of me will show you how to do it, and I took the sig down anyway, my window is white and I did not see that white nox...I have to redo it I should hopefully have it done by tomorrow night though I have all the images now


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                      I have ICQ


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                        ok cool get on it and see my number at the bottom of my sig? Get with me and we will add this image...

                        Making a couple of more also, I went and bought the demo I was using the program was giving me fits as a demo, but she is smooth sailing now:thumb:


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                          Dont work to hard!!

                          I will probably get with you tomorow evening on ICQ,its game day and workin on a big buzz!!! :drool:


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                            lol I wont Loving this stuff! Look at this one I made KillerKim, going to surprise her with it
                            Attached Files


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                              Yo' hon! You got to back off on the moveable gif's. The size of her sig is over 220,000 bytes.

                              There are forums that will not allow you to have images that size in your sig. I got yelled at for having a 90K sig!

                              Good work thoug! I like it! :thumb:


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