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Can disaster foster goodwill? (Iran vs. U.S.)

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  • Can disaster foster goodwill? (Iran vs. U.S.)

    Interesting story here. I wonder if the goodwill shown by the U.S. citizens towards the victims of a nation in the "Axis of Evil" will help to thaw relations. I wonder what the people of Iran think of this, or the people of the Middle East in general? If we are truly the Great Satan, is it right to take our assistance?

    Iran's Khatami Thanks U.S. for Quake Aid

    Dec 30, 11:28 AM (ET)


    BAM, Iran (AP) - Iran's president thanked his country's biggest enemy, the United States, for sending help after this weekend's devastating earthquake, as survivors Tuesday mobbed relief trucks and bulldozers dug trench after trench to fill with the white-shrouded bodies of the dead.

    International relief workers said they were shifting their focus from searching for survivors in the flattened city of Bam to helping the injured and homes - and burying the corpses still being pulled from the rubble.

    Several hundred relief workers headed home, frustrated over finding so few survivors. The death toll from Friday's 6.6-magnitude quake that shook Bam rose to 28,000, said the coordinator of U.N. relief operations, Ted Peran. At least 12,000 people were injured, the Health Ministry said, and there were fears the death toll could rise to 40,000.

    Iranian President Mohammad Khatami vowed to rebuild Bam within two years. The southeastern city - up to 70 percent of which may have been destroyed - was home to 80,000 people before the quake.

    Khatami also thanked "anybody who has offered assistance, including the Americans." But he downplayed talk that Washington's contribution - among the largest from nearly 30 nations - would thaw the two nations' frostly relations.

    "Humanitarian issues should not be intertwined with deep and chronic political problems," Khatami told reporters in the provincial capital, Kerman. "If we see change both in tone and behavior of the U.S. administration, then a new situation will develop in our relations."

    Full Story -- Here
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