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Arab-Israeli Wars

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  • Arab-Israeli Wars

    What no sub-section for the Arab-Israeli Wars?

    Perhaps this is an oversight that should be corrected?

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    And a lot of other wars...
    a brain cell


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      If we had a mess of content for it, a large reader demand for said content, and perhaps a volunteer writer or two (hint hint!) that wanted to submit some original material, I'm be more than willing to institute this section, or any other!

      We're still in the process of gathering a pool of writers together. So far, a very large portion of the content on-site is provided by quite a bit of leg work, and several hours of thumping away at a keyboard, producing original material.

      I do have some great people lining up in the wings, however; and do believe I'll have some treats for our members and readers in the very near future. We have some fantastic original content under production right now, and I think you'll enjoy it very much!
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        I met a really nice Israeli couple when I was in Honduras recently - and the guy's job is to train US officials on counter-terrorism. He said it is hard for anyone to realize how tenuous their position is, surrounded by seething masses of people that hate them on a narrow strip of land...thus colouring every aspect of their lives and political decisions. We didn't get into a political discussion (we were on vacation!) but I would love to have asked him what he thought the solution was...

        A-I wars will be covered here at ACG and I would love to get some people on the ground into the eventual discussion. Personally I don't think there will ever be peace there...
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          Many people think that the two state solution would be best. Personaly I think it would indanger israel so much that its not viable. In addition I think that a stable, viable, Palistinian state is an imposiable dream, the only thing that props the PLO up is extreame hatred of Israel. A Palistinian state would only last long enough for the Arab nations to stage an attack and have there asses handed to them like always, then the state would disolve. Im not a pesimist im a realist, and as such I believe that the war in Iraq is the begining of a new middle east. Rebuilt Iraq plus Kuwait, Qutar, and other foward thinking Arab states will eventually come to accept Israel and may imbrasse it. Then thier will be peace, and for my money that makes the Iraqi war good(not to mention it deposed a dispotic dictator who had WMDs)


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