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  • Favorite Christmas Carol

    OK folks, tell us what your favorite Christmas carol is.

    Mine is White Christmas, with Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht* a close runner-up. Ideally, Bing is singing White Christmas. I also like Rafael Brom singing O Holy Night.

    *Silent Night, but I like it better auf deutsch.
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    Being the goof ball I am....
    Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer!

    I will try to think of a serious one, but it may take a while!


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      Wow, tough one. How can I pick just one?

      Carol of the Bells
      Holly and the Ivy
      Come O Long Expected Jesus


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        Religious...Little Drummer Boy, Oh Holy Night, Silent Night.

        Secular...Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Silver Bells, Let it Snow, White Christmas.

        It's just not Christmas season until I've heard Bruce Springsteen sing Santa Claus is Coming to Town and I've seen the video of Bing Crosby and David Bowie sing Little Drummer Boy...And watched A Charlie Brown Christmas.
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          Since i was 5 years old and understood these guys were probably CAV Troopers.

          We three kings of Orient are;
          Bearing gifts we traverse afar,
          Field and fountain, moor and mountain,
          Following yonder star.


          O star of wonder, star of light,
          Star with royal beauty bright,
          Westward leading, still proceeding,
          Guide us to thy perfect light.

          Born a King on Bethlehem’s plain
          Gold I bring to crown Him again,
          King forever, ceasing never,
          Over us all to reign.


          Frankincense to offer have I;
          Incense owns a Deity nigh;
          Prayer and praising, voices raising,
          Worshipping God on high.


          Myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume
          Breathes a life of gathering gloom;
          Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying,
          Sealed in the stone cold tomb.


          Glorious now behold Him arise;
          King and God and sacrifice;
          Alleluia, Alleluia,
          Sounds through the earth and skies.

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            God rest ye merry, gentlemen
            Let nothing you dismay
            Remember, Christ, our Saviour
            Was born on Christmas day
            To save us all from Satan's power
            When we were gone astray
            O tidings of comfort and joy,
            Comfort and joy
            O tidings of comfort and joy
            Never Fear the Event

            Admiral Lord Nelson


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              O Christmas Tree
              White Christmas
              Chestnutts Roasting on an Open Fire


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                Mine have been picked by Doc.
                Religious, Oh Holy Night and secular Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
                I also like 12 Days of X-Mas and Deck the halls, to name but a few. I do love X-mas carols.
                Nice thread.
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                  That is a tough one!

                  White Christmas is probably my fav, but I feel weird pidgeonholing one top fav.

                  I've been getting a chuckle from "Dominick the Donkey" (The Italian Christmas Donkey)!

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                    Lots of good ones here! More! More!
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                    "Never pet a burning dog."

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                      Religious: Handel's Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah.
                      Secular: Christmas at Ground Zero. Deck the Stalls with Oats and Barley, Carol of the Bells.
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                        "Baby It's Cold Outside"

                        "Grown Up Christmas Wish" sung by Amy Grant

                        "...So here's my lifelong wish
                        My grown-up Christmas list
                        Not for myself, but for a world in need

                        No more lives torn apart
                        That wars would never start
                        And time would heal all hearts
                        Every man would have a friend
                        That right would always win
                        And love would never end
                        This is my grown-up Christmas list."
                        Love. Where does it come from?
                        from The Thin Red Line


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                          12 days of christmas by the muppets.


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                            My own fractured Christmas carols -

                            A one, a two, a one, two, three yah...

                            (sung to O Tannenbaum)
                            Oh credit card, oh credit card, your limit is approaching...
                            we spend and spend, and not pay cash
                            all receipts go in the trash...

                            (sung to O Holy Night - sort of)
                            Oh monthly I wanna kill...
                            the stupid clerk who sold me all that junk
                            he was so cute, oh what a smile
                            but now I got a payment pile

                            (and the backup singers go...coo coo, roo coo coo...coo coo, roo coo coo)

                            (Auld Lang Syne)
                            Should old bad debts be not forgot
                            a a and ever brought to mind
                            should repo man get to your car
                            and put you in a bind


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                              I'm having a non-awake REM expience of a neutral color holiday

                              Here is a sales pitch for my friend, Jill, and my new Christmas CD, entitled Three Graces Holidays.

                              Jill - Welcome to the politically correct non-denominational holiday song spot.

                              Alice - Our operators are standing by for your calls...1-800-3-graces. For only 16 baht, 23 won, 3,000,000 lira, 219,173 yen, you too can own the PC CD of your non-denominational holiday.

                              J - The two remaining graces have scoured the world for appropriate songs and reworked them into PC masterpieces.

                              A - All the songs on this CD are now inoffensive to any individual, being completely gender, race, ethnicity, creed, height, weight, age, and size neutral and completely without esteem-damaging value judgments of any kind.

                              J - Shall we begin?

                              Sung to Good King Wenceslas

                              More than meets expectations authority figure Wenceslas looked out (Good and King may be offensive as they offer value judgments and a King is surely a part of the oppressive patriarchal heirarchy)
                              On the abundant meal of Stephen (A feast may be offensive in that it may make financially challenged individuals uncomfortable)
                              When the H2O in a frozen state remained ready round about (the term snow may offend those in equatorial latitudes and 'lay' denotes a certain laziness of lack of motivation, which is a value judgment and may offend the motivationally challenged)
                              Deep and crisp and even
                              More illuminated was the Lunar goddess or orbiting spherical celestial body that nocturnal period (Bright is also a value judgment and may offend those who prefer darkness. The Lunar goddess should be included to offset the mainstream Judeo-Christian patriarchal hierarchy. Night is also a value judgment as it implies lesser value than day)
                              Though the frost was ethically challenged (cruel is very offensive as it implies a value on behavior)
                              When a financially-challenged non-gender specific individual came in sight (poor man...we won't even go there)
                              Gath'ring heat challenged time of the year fuel (Winter is offensive as the term implies lesser value than the other seasons)

                              A - Didn't you just adore that one? We're standing by for your calls. 1-800-3-graces.

                              J - We're going to have to work on the rest of that song as it reeks of gender, class, and age bias.

                              A - Ok, on with the bloggomercial.

                              Song to God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

                              Non-secular, non-denominational diety figure rest ye merry, non-gender specific individuals, let nothing you dismay, ( know the drill)
                              Remember Non-secular pre-adult figure our individual who will assist us according to Judeo-Christian teachings was brought into existence on Non-specific holiday; (Whoa...Christ, Saviour, Christmas? It's all coming out)
                              To assist us in making our own empowered decisions from no less valued anti-diety figure's power when we were ethically challenged. (Being saved is offensive as it implies that we are not empowered to make choices. The reference that Satan may be less valued than any other spiritual individual implies judgment. Astray...value judgment all over that one)

                              Oh, holiday flora, oh holiday flora, how aesthetically pleasing are your branches.

                              Rudolph/Rudolpha the non neutral colored facial appendaged co-equal antlered animal partner...

                              J - We all set to celebrate the non-secular, non-denominational holiday with you all with our latest non-offensive songs for the more happy than normal season. Your PC CD is waiting for you. Remember the number 1-800-3-graces.


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