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Do's and don's of buying ex-police cruiser?

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  • Do's and don's of buying ex-police cruiser?

    If somebody is interested in purchasing a former police cruiser from a government auction what are the do's and dont's of such shopping? I will try posting at (those guys are real pros) but I'm interested in your opinion as well. I'm having a lot of difficulty researching this because Internet car dealers and other punks have set up millions of keyword traps all over the web trying to hijack your search and direct you to their homepage. I understand those police cruisers come with V8 engines; one can get tremendous horsepower for the buck.
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    If you can physically examine the car I'd look for:

    - New bolts and fasteners = Evidence of body repairs

    - Check the oil for water and/or contamination. Water will make the oil look milky grey.

    - Check tires for uneven wear indicating bad alignment or bent frame.

    - I'd expect high mileage but if the maintenance has been good that shouldn't matter, you can get 200,000 out of a good V-8.

    Like you said, most cruisers will come with the 'police interceptor' options. The Crown Victoria's have emblems for that but I'm not sure about the Impala. Depending on the year, the Chevy's would have a Hi-po 350. I'm not sure about the CV's.

    Becareful about buying at auctions, you can get some good deals but you can end up with a lemon at the same time. They're usually good for parts cars.
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      My little brother is a "used cruiser" specialist. If you're into getting one, I think he mostly gets his from a well connected tow-auction. Good rides, better in the front seat than the back....
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        Obviously I have no experience of buying one in the US but a friend of mine bought an old police car here in the UK. It was well maintained but had a few little niggles. Mainly lots of holes all over the dash where all the small signs had been and a hole in the roof where the flashing light had been.


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