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  • Bless the Weather

    The thread is inspired by the CD track by John Martyn i'm currently listening to. Specifically it deals with LOVE, and its loss...

    'Bless the weather that bought you to me... curse the storm that takes you away'

    A few questions... based on (if you please) members personal experience.

    What is Love?

    Why is it so powerful?

    Does time heal its loss?

    Is it an 'essence' of humanity?

    How does it relate to Friendship?

    The above mentioned song was written comparatively recently...

    Around 1600 a song by John Rowland ran...

    'Loves the same, for beggars and for kings...'

    Interesting thought...

    Is music the only art form that can truly EXPRESS love?

    Looking forward to your comments, young and old!

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    The day you fall in love with someone all will be revealed to you.
    Those that forget history are condemed to repeat it.
    If you're going to be one you might as well be a BIG RED ONE


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