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Bisbing was robbed.

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  • Bisbing was robbed.

    Evans did nothin with his takedowns. & why doesn't takedown defense & getting back up score points as well? or eveny should I say.

    Close it was, but still I think Bisbing did better striking & should have got the nod.

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    The entire evening was pretty weak.
    You only score points for being aggresive and causing damage. Not for being passive or preventing damage. In a lot of sports you can get a passivity penalty.
    Bisbings defence was not that good. It's just that Evans did nothing when he had control.
    It wasn't that close. Evans had control. He simply did nothing with it.
    I had $5 on Bisbing. A loser bet but I had to go with the underdog. The gent I bet refused to take the money because the fight was so dissapointing.


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      Agree. Karo looked bad. Headline fight boring. Spencer Fischer got smoked & had a bad night.

      Point taken on defense. Bisbing works hard on his jab etc, but has got to figger out how to finish the show, not get technical sqeakers on points. But that's just my take on it.


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