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"Old Soldiers" e-zine being created

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  • "Old Soldiers" e-zine being created

    Hello everybody and I'd like to begin my entrance here with a request from everyone that is interested in contributing to Thomas Cundiff's "Old Soldiers" e-zine that he's in the process of creating. Here's the LINK for it:[email protected]

    He's working on getting enough folks to join up and make Original contributions of just about anything except for Reviews, but as regards *NEW* Games, he may relent. Thanks for taking the time to read over this and I hope that some of YOU will offer to submit material for this endeavor. Good Luck!
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    Originally posted by GROGnads_USA
    Here's the LINK for it:

    http://[email protected]
    Link didn't work for me.
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      Nor for me.


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        Same for me, it just took me to the Excite search page.


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          Sorry about this for the time being.

          Please excuse my previous 'entry' on this subject, and I'm in the process of getting the 'correct' LINK of which I will then 'Post' it back in the original message. Thank you for your patience and interest in this and until then, please keep checking back later on.


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            Okay, I've got a 'Request' LINK up now!

            For those that had inquired about this before, I've got the proper LINK for YOU to send of a request for MORE info on this now! Just 'click' on it and fill it out, then hopefully, you'll be on the way to getting this. Thanks for your patience and understanding in this and I HOPE that those of US in the gaming community can really make this work out for the benefit of all!

  [email protected]

            Yes, I know that I've included this twice now, but I just wanted to be certain that folks knew it was available NOW!


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