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I Just Learned Something New About My Dad

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  • I Just Learned Something New About My Dad

    Way Back When, just before he & My Mom got Married, he went to Canada while he was in The Air Force where he purchased a .303 SMLE Model 4, that he had converted to shoot .30/06 eventually, but while it was still a .303, he told me he shot a couple of Moose with it & a few Deer as well.

    Can you believe it? He paid $10.00 for it.

    Told me he sold it to a Tech Seargent on the base he was stationed at who wanted it to shoot with, as he was the Top Shooter in their Shooting matches.

    Turns out that My Uncle who died recently, also had a .303 SMLE Model 3, and My Dad said he would call My Aunt to see if ti might still be around & if she would be interested in selling it.

    So what's the difference between a Model 3 & a Model 4?????

    One of the shooters last month brought a .45/70 the time before & I have put in a request for that to be brought out again this time this saturday.

    Pop says that it sounds like a Cannon going off.

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    Here's how I think they were numbered and the differences. The Mk III was actually "Rifle No.1 Mk III" and the replacement was "Rifle No.4 MkI and Mk.II" the No. 4 rifles were designed for easier manufacture, weighed a bit more because of a heavier bbl, and the main difference at a casual glance is the No. 4 bbl protrudes beyond the end of the stock while the No.1's stock went the complete length of the bbl. I had a No.4 MkII and loved it, but grew tired of the fluctuations in the availability of noncorrosive surplus .303 ammo, and I really didn't want to buy new factory ammo that would end up costing more than the rifle after ten or fifteen boxes.
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