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ACG model building. The German Build!

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  • ACG model building. The German Build!

    Hi guys. I wanted to bring this to the attention of people who may not normally visit the Model Building and Other Hobbies forum. We have just started our fourth group build. About every four months some of us get together and build a model with a theme. The current theme is 'anything German.' It was chosen by Lufttiger, the winner of our previous build. So far we are two weeks into the build and have seven participants active. More are expected.

    Of special note is that all participants who finish get a ribbon next to their avatar. The winner gets to choose the topic for our next build.
    Also, the winner of this build will recieve a subscription to Armchair General Magazine!

    If you have ever toyed with the idea of building a military model now is a good time to drop in. There's no minimum, nor maximium, skill level and the topic is very broad. So, why not drop in and try your hand at it? Or, just drop in and take a look at what we are doing? You don't need to be a build participant to hang out and chat with us.

    Click on my signature to be taken to the group build.
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