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Yes, thankfully there may be another outlet for Avalon Hill!

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  • Yes, thankfully there may be another outlet for Avalon Hill!

    I've said time and again that Hasbro should be publically beaten for buying the rights to Avalon Hill and then doing next to nothing, like the servant burying his talent in the ground. But it looks like others are also remaking AH titles.

    I recently came across the remake of Britannia. It's true to the AH original and plenty of fun to play, involving the history of the British isles from Rome to the Norman invasion.

    I also found Maharaja, a sister game under the same rule system, in it's original Avalon Hill format so I'm good for this month in gaming.

    Kudos to Fantasy Flight Games and I hope we see more titles. A pox to Hasbro still.

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    They ain't called Hasborg for nothing.

    Hasbro buys up the competition so that there ISN'T any competition.

    Every now and then they buy up a hot item that sells well for a year or two, but with all fads, they eventually are not a fad. This is why they have bought and sold a lot of things recently.

    I just wish someone could steal back the rights to several wargames that people clearly want, but Hasbro doesn't wish to produce.

    MMP for instance is simply too small to do half the titles they want to make.
    As a result, several titles are just sitting it out.
    Up Front and Panzer Leader being two I know of.

    I'd like to get fresh copies of reborn versions of both. I'll be an old man before MMP gets around to it though. Or whoever actually is responsible for the two games.
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.


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