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  • Hello & Thank You All

    Hello eveyone.

    Im back to feeling a little better. I figured id come back here and harass you clowns, lol.

    Incase you all are wondering, i suffer from Menieres Disease. Ive had it for 8 years now. Dont worry, its not life threatening, its just a giant pain in the old butt. Wiki can explain it better than i, so here is the link -énière’s_disease

    I have an extreme case of it where i spend about half of my day, everyday, in bed from vertigo attacks. Thats a normal, Ok day for me.

    5 years ago i had a surgical procedure done called a "Vestibular Nerve Section". Basicly they sever the main balance nerve between your inner ear and your brain to try and correct your balance problems. Basicly the ear knows your standing straight up, but your brain thinks your falling down, that causes the vertigo. Somewhere inbetween the two the signals get crossed. The procedure is a last ditch effort for the worst cases like myself. It worked for about 3 months and then i reverted back to my old ways. And for my troubles i lost my hearing in that ear.

    Recently my vertigo attacks have been worse than normal and thats why i have been away. Also the Monitor and TV of late have been triggering seperate vertigo attacks, thankfully that has stopped. Now im able to come back here and post. It will probably be awhile til im back up to speed here, but im back, thats the important thing.

    I would like to thank everyone for the kind words, thoughts, well wishing & prayers. And most of all, the threats of sicking geneticly engineered Dinos on me if i didnt get better, lol.
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    Welcome back, Buddy.

    So glad to hear you are feeling better.
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      I've been hopin you'd check in so I could wish you better in a much more real time manner, KGP. I pray all improves for you & that you can hang more with all of your friends here, mate! But what ever it takes, be sure to do what is good for you & know that we'll always be here for ya when ya need some company & harassment.

      Our prayers are for ya, my friend!

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        Welcome back and thank you for updating us on your condition. We are all in your corner and are so happy to hear that you are feeling better. I'm sure that you'll kick this one im the butt. Take care of yourself, we are all looking foward to hearing from you full time again. Your wit and great posts are greatly missed.
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          Welcome back. good to hear from you again
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            Welcome back KGP
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              welcome back and I hope you are doing good.


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                Welcome back buddy, thanks for posting to let us know!
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                  It's really good to see ya back KGP. Take care of yourself.
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                    Welcome back!
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                      Originally posted by KGPanzerschrecK View Post
                      And most of all, the threats of sicking geneticly engineered Dinos on me if i didnt get better, lol.
                      Damn right - I'm glad to see someone around here knows how to obey an order!

                      Welcome back.

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                        Do what you can and forget about the rest. Take care of yourself Kent!
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                          Welcome back, Kent. Glad to hear you didn't have to hurt the poor liddle dinos.
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                            Glad to see that you are getting up and about!! We all await your return to full time posting. But, don't push your self too hard on our account; just take it easy, one day at a time, we will be here with our moral support, and prayers untill you are ready to make a triumphant return.


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                              Welcome back, buddy. You were missed.
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