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    Next series of Dr Who, my actor mate Tony gets killed by the Ood.....How cool is that!!...
    Don't just do it.... Over do it!!

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    I love the Ood! Can't wait for the next season to make it over the pond.
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      Originally posted by eyemo View Post
      Next series of Dr Who, my actor mate Tony gets killed by the Ood.....How cool is that!!...
      Inside information? More please!

      Dr. S.
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        Thought it was called "The Who"???
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          So, Dr. Who is still running? I used to watch it in the Tom Baker years and for a short while afterward. Then it somehow disappeared from my radar. Figured the show must've been canceled by now.
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            It's back... Better than ever...and filmed in Wales!!!...
            Don't just do it.... Over do it!!


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              Ok, who is cooler? A Dalek or the robot from "Lost in Space" that always said "Danger Will Robinson"? I like the voices for both the Dalek and that robot from "Lost in Space", but I think I may have to go with the robot from "Lost In Space" just because "Danger Will Robinson" was always cool to hear. I love the theme song from the old Dr. Who, and don't know if they use that in the new episodes or not. How's the theme song in the new episodes?

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                Speaking of Tom Baker, does anyone know if the older series have been released in america on DVD yet? I've yet to get a chance to watch the newer run and it would be a great to have a look back at my adolecence.
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