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  • Looking at the Moon

    What me and Balisong got to see last night

    This was todays paper on the Front page! and the back.

    Amazing only about 7 people showed for this and I have like waited most of my life to see them.........
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    That is cool Drew! I wish I could be there to see it too. Good luck in dream and you gotta work hard
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      When I was at school the local astronomy society brought round some moon rock samples they had borrowed from somewhere.

      I wasn't too bothered, as my dad was the one with the samples...

      Just think those few grams of H3 are possibly so valuable right now.
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        I saw bits of Skylab in Western Australia and I saw it crash. Cool PM! Moon rocks rock.
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          Saw some moonrock at the Space Centre in Toulouse - tasted like chicken.

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            Wish I could have seen them too. Anything to do with space facinates me. I camped out in the East Mojave once to watch a meteor shower (actually I used to always plan Desert trips to coincide with the main meteor showers) and on this one occaision we could actually hear a couple of the meteors passing over. Never heard them before or since that trip. Hard to believe so few people showed up to see the moon rocks, is society becoming that jaded?
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              That is pretty cool. I was able to see some moon rocks at the Smithsonian.

              Does Dr Sinister still have some in his lab?
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