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Had to go have eyes examined today

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  • Had to go have eyes examined today

    Yes, my eyes have been vexing me a bit lately, thought it was time to have them looked at by the eye doctor. They haven't been tested in longer than I can recall.

    Anyway the good news is I was told I had very healthy eyes (that was great news indeed).

    I was told I might want to get some reading glasses as age was causing me to have need of a slight assist. But this is optional.

    But what was interesting to learn, is I have zero depth perception as you would know it. This is because as a child I had muscle imbalances, and as a result my eyes actually see independently and not in stereo like they are supposed to, because they were unable to see in sync.

    What this means, is I can see with one eye (either one equally too) what you normally require both for. It's not that I can't see depth, I just see depth as a result of my eyes having been uniquely trained to do it.
    Essentially, that means if through an accident I lost one eye, life for me would go on as if nothing had happened (well aside from not being able to switch between which I eye I wanted to use). Well ok, I admit I would miss the lost one

    But it's not all thrills. I actually wish I could see with both eyes in the usual way. Because when I shift from eye to eye which I occasionally do, it tends to make my ability to focus a bit off. And I usually do this when the eye in use gets tired.
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    I had a dominant eye when I was a boy and wore glasses for years which helped with it, altho' the reason I wore them was poor vision. I got my eyes zapped a couple of years ago but still need reading glasses. The important thing is that you have good vision, not how you got there (of course, I'm not an optometrist).
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      I have had the problem you describe all of my life. I can’t really say it’s a problem except as you describe, when tired it takes more concentration to see in stereo. I always failed the school’s vision tests because in one lens of the view finder they have a dot, and the other, they have a box. Normally one would see, with their eyes working together, the ball and the box together, and the tester would ask, ”Is the ball on top of the box, inside the box, below the box, or on the right or left of the box? Well, since my eyes worked independent of each other, I saw a box in one and a dot in the other and they never blended together.

      Mine was also caused by muscle imbalances as a child, after three eye operations to correct the imbalance, my eyes had already achieved the ability to see independently, never to be reversed. Like I explained, it doesn’t really cause much trouble, I am a fast reader, a good driver, and have quick reaction time. Depth perception isn’t a problem, sometimes I think it’s a bonus.

      But I wonder, if some people with dyslexia type symptoms could suffer from this type of eye trait? My daughter has dyslexia and this is something we are exploring at this time. She fails the school vision tests, the same as I did. Maybe some people are more able to adjust to their eyes working independently while others get mixed signals.


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