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Chessmaster for president?

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  • Chessmaster for president?

    Looks like Gary Kasparov is going for the title.
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    I hope he wins.


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      I watched something on 60 minutes I think. Kasparov has long opposed his administration's actions and isn't afraid to say it.
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        Real opposition is a rare thing in Russia. Kasparov has no chances here - it looks as PR action for me. What is its aim? Some people in Russia prone to see "hand of the West" in it.


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          If he had a remote chance of winning he'd already be dead.
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            Apart politic situation even if Russia had real democratic election IMO Kasparov's presidency would be impossible anyway because of traditional antisemitism of major part of electorate.


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              Now if Bobby Fischer could run for president in the US!!!! LOL
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                And then there's the homeless guy hoping to become a chessmaster:
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