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"Your child could become an otaku, a furry and even a murderer if not a deviant!"

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  • "Your child could become an otaku, a furry and even a murderer if not a deviant!"
    What Is Anime?

    Many of you are probably aware of Japanese anime (Japanese animation or Japanimation) because of popular kids shows like Pokemon, Speed Racer or Star Blazers. Prior to release in the west, these shows have been cleaned up from their original violent and sexually explicit hentai (perverted) form which most Japanese cartoons seem to take. Fortunately these shows are edited and redubbed without all the violent and sexual content when they are released in the United States.

    Make no mistake about it though: unlike in America, in Japan cartoons arenít just for children. Probably due to the high cost of big budget live-action productions, a number of programs are produced for Japanese adults in the animation format. Often these are shown late at night to keep them away from children, but even the cartoons shown to children are violent, sexual in nature and make numerous references to magic and demons with no mention of G-d or Jesus. Thatís because most Asians do not believe in G-d, but rather in primitive religions such as Buddhism or Shintoism (paganism).
    I lol'd.

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    Bushido Samurai murderer?

    Originally posted by the_redstar_swl View Post

    I lol'd.
    Originally posted by Axis of Evil View Post
    1 on 3 fight

    Priestly monk Shintoism

    is not Samurai Bushido.

    The high and mighty Nip(ponese) Jap emperor,

    under the protection of Shinto priests,

    traditionally did always regard Bushido

    to be a lowly, primitive, animalistic, brutally lowlife, barbaric,

    honor for stupid, but loyal, Samurai stable dogs.


    Friday, 5 October 2007, 10:54 GMT 11:54 UK

    Japan sumo boss fired over death

    The head of a Japanese sumo stable has been fired by the sport's national body over the treatment of a 17-year-old wrestler who died following practice.

    Tokitsukaze, 57, had caused a public scandal and damaged the sport's reputation, the Sumo Association said.

    He has admitted hitting trainee Tokitaizan with a bottle and working him hard before his death in June.

    He is only the second stable master to be fired. It is the latest crisis to hit Japan's national sport.

    The teenage Tokitaizan, whose real name is Takashi Saito, died in hospital after collapsing during training.

    Tokitsukaze admitted to the authorities that he hit the 17-year-old with a beer bottle and trained him until he was barely able to stand on the day before his death.

    He is also said to have admitted that other senior wrestlers in the stable assaulted the teenager, one of them with a baseball bat.

    Sumo has seen a decline in popularity as young Japanese turn to more modern pursuits such as football and baseball.

    Young apprentices are also said to face tough treatment from senior wrestlers as part of their training.


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