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US voting whack-a-rat system.

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  • US voting whack-a-rat system.

    Now what to do about this (come on on, after the Florida election, we need to help the US out all we can )? High speed Button mashing... Sounds like some kind of fighting game. The more buttons you hit in the allocated time, the bigger the rubber mallet you're given for the end fight for the last ten Buttons?

    Maybe lots of buttons, one person of each party and some kind of assault course?

    Maybe we should include crocodiles somehow?

    Everyone loves crocodiles.
    Winnie says
    "He fell out of a Gestapo car, over a bridge, and onto a railway line. Then was run over by the Berlin Express.

    It was an Accident."
    Herr Flick.

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    It would be funny if it wasen't so sad.


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      Wow this is rediculus
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