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How do you like your shish-kabob?

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  • How do you like your shish-kabob?

    Keeping with the food topics lately, I thought that I'd add this one. A couple of days in advance of the big barbecue, I usually purchase some cheap- grade, stewing beef and cut it into even smaller pieces, before putting it into a marinade that is heavy with apple cider vinegar, olive oil, LOTS of garlic, Italian Seasonings, rosemary, fresh-cracked black pepper and seasoning salt. Refrigerate for a couple of days and stir regularly to better mix the flavors.

    When I finally put the meat onto the skewers and because I'm a confirmed carnivore, I only use bits of beef separated by a slice of onion on the skewers. This is cooked on the charcoal grill until medium rare, before being placed onto a plate of long-grain and wild rice and your favorite vegetable.

    The beautiful thing is that the acidic marinade really softens up the otherwise tough cuts of beef chuck and you can practically cut it with a fork.
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    Sounds great.
    I like to buy roasts and other cuts on sale for stuff like this.
    Going to the head of my "try this" list.


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      I like shish kabob any's my number one fav...with a side of rice or french fries. Yum!
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