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    "For true cigar aficionados, even the casual ones, a cigar is never just a cigar. A cigar is a ceremonial event, coronation time to mark a special occasion. When enjoying one of the finest cigars in the world, the occasion need not be more than its own private party: You smoke a fine cigar to celebrate the fine cigar you’re smoking."

    Well, sadly, I've only had four on this list: Montecristo Edmundo, Cohiba Siglo VI, Romeo y Julieta Churchill, & Bolivar Royal Corona. Of those, my favorite is the Romeo y Julieta Churchill. That one and the Montecristo I've found most often around, with the occasional BR Corona, but those Cohibas are quite elusive. Got to find the others on this list now. Anyone else had them?
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    The real question is: What is Bill Clinton's favorite cigar?
    1. Even if you could make something idiot proof they would just go out and build a better idiot.
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      No Swisher Sweets?

      In all seriousness, I do enjoy a good cigar. However anything more than a few bucks per stogie gets out of my price range really quickly.
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        I had the Fuente Fuente OpusX at the cigar bar in Goucho's (back when we could smoke indoors in Seattle ). Surprisingly it was a tough draw and refused to stay lit. Even after the concierge' used a 'Draw Poker' on it, it refuse to draw smoothly. Myself and another smoker had the same problem. I believe they had over-humidified their humidor, a problem I currently have with mine.

        I've had a few Cohibas but never a Cuban. Too expensive for my box . I have a few robusto R&J's that are quite good. My favorite is the H. Upmann Reserve robusto, although I'll take a Macanudo anyday .

        I bought my buddy in Korea the churchill R&J ($30 smoke!! ) and he loved it.
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          [QUOTE=freightshaker;765553] My favorite is the H. Upmann Reserve robusto, /QUOTE]

          Same here.
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            I've had the Partagas Piramides Le 2000 and the Romeo y Julieta Churchill, the R y J was a better cigar IMHO. My favorite ever (so far) is the Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Short Story. I only smoke maybe 6 cigars a year so I'm no expert.
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              We were in Puticanna when I was 5 and some guy sold 2 100 pack boxs of cigars for 40 bucks. Turns out that they were the same quality as Cuban cigars, my dad kept on for himself and the other was sold for..somewhere around 500 or 600 bucks.
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                All this cigar talk is making me crazy! There's a good cigar shop about a quarter mile from my house, I know where I'm going tomorrow!
                "Every man should be his own Guru; every woman her own Gurette" ...Ed Abbey


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