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Another One Bites The Dust.....Hey Hey.....Another Bites The Dust.....Oh Yeah

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  • Another One Bites The Dust.....Hey Hey.....Another Bites The Dust.....Oh Yeah

    Boom Chuggalugga Luh

    Boom Chuggalugga Luh

    Boom Chuggalugga Luh

    Dallas Cowboys - 37

    Miami Dolphins - 20

    That's 2 Wins & 0 Losses Boys.................

    We Headed To The Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And we don't need a Video Camera to get there either.

    HOW BOUT' DEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!

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    How about them Packers.
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      Not many teams could win after getting five turnovers and starting five drives on the opponent's side of the 50 (the one drive that started inside the red zone ended with a FG).

      We'll see how well they play once they face a decent offense and defense. You see why KC gave up on Trent Green. He hasn't been good for about two years now. You have a chance against CHI next week but only cuz the offense is hit and miss. It's very unlikely you will put up so many points against the Bears.

      As for TO's comment about the Giants being no cupcake, the weak Packers offense beat up on them to show how big a mess the Giants truly are. The Packers defense is pretty good but still not great but only gave up 13 to that "mighty" Giants offense.

      The top teams look to be NE and IND so far. Look good on both sides of the ball.
      SD offense doesn't look too good but have faced CHI & NE so they'll look much better.
      CIN offense looks great but the defense looks like Swiss cheese.
      PIT looks pretty good but one game was vs CLE.
      HOU looks ok but it's still early.
      CHI defense seems the same but offense hasn't done much.
      DET & GB have had some luck and are too young to count on them too much.
      NO looks pathetic so far compared to last year.
      SF defense looks much improved but the offense does barely enough to win (they should get better).
      SEA doesn't look like much but I've thought they were overrated the past two years.
      STL was supposed to be good but the offense is to hit and miss so far.
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