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    Today I just run into a news line saying that A/F-22 Raptor (very regrettably, our ACOW database still calling it "lightning" sad mistake) had just competed a successful interception of small incoming supersonic targets when itself at supercruise.

    The A/F-22 was supercruising at M1.5, 35k ft., firing its AIM-120 advanced BVR air to air missile (range 60 miles +), at the incoming AQM-37 UAV target with supersonic (the news did not spec the detail number) at 50k ft.

    The AIM-120 was not equipped with a warhead, instead, sophisticated recording and electric measures were installed. This 'head-up' face-to-face interception is the cutting edge technology of today's aviation. The advanced avonics on A/F-22 successfully detected the target at long range which gave the polit enough time to react. The AIM-120 guided by active radar seeker as well as a satelite GPS type system finds its target swiftly and accurately.

    So far, the Raptor has been through 1160 fly tests, totalled over 2500 air hours.


    Oh man, that means, in the near future, F-22 will be able to intercept incoming AA missiles. Consider its supercruise, superstealth, supermanuver and BVR ability all together, it is not only a KING in the sky, it is an invincible Jedi.
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    An invicinible Jedi?


    An invicinible Jedi? I bet you that Yoda could have beat that airplane into the ground by his psychic powers or watever he's using. Or Aikeen Skywalker out in that junky space racer outmanuveuring the latest US warplane at the age of eight years old! Way to go, Aikeen!

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