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The Golden Gate Bridge - No1 spot to comment suicide

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  • The Golden Gate Bridge - No1 spot to comment suicide

    I was flipping threw the channels last night when a saw a documentary about the Golden Gate Bridge. Little did i know it was about people who jumped off the bridge.
    Apparently i guy decided to make the documentary in 2004, and was able to film 19 people jumping off the bridge. I had no idea it that it was the No. 1 place to go to kill yourself. Seems like a shame that a beautiful like that has a dark side. I found info on this guys film here too.
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    What are you thinking about Lufttiger?

    You know life is never really as bad as it seems.

    Step back from the railing


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      I tried watching that same show.

      It sucked like a cheap ***** as well (not that I know anything about that directly hehe ).

      The show is dull, but yes, they actually have actual suicides in the film. But that's because the entire bridge is monitored too.
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        Wonder how many people jump in the Grand Canyon. That's where I'd go.
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          Suicide is an impetuous act – or the act of an ill person lacking the capacity to make a sane decision. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

          Limiting access to the means of death has proven to dramatically reduce suicides.
          98% of those stopped never attempt suicide again.

          The rails at the Golden Gate Bridge are simply too low and access is too great. The rails of the bridge need to be raised.

          Four people try to die there every week and one succeeds.

          The true victims are the loved ones left behind many of which carry terrible emotional scars the rest of their lives...

          San Franciscans and the people of the Bay Area can no longer hide their collective heads in the sand - we are now well aware of the horror taking place and as such have a moral obligation to do something to end the deaths at the Golden Gate Bridge.

          Please help raise the rails - and end the tragic deaths


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            Actually the average is one jumper per 15 days. The sad thing is that people are drawn to the bridge because of it's reputation as a suicide site. The constant attention given by the media only attracts more victims. In 1995 as the total victims approached 1000, there were pools and prediction contests on the date, sex, and other nonsense of the 1000th victim. One radio station promised a case of Snapple to the family of the 1000th victim. There were postcards sold that showed a picture of the bridge and a caption that read "Don't jump to conclusions". There used to a jump counter on display.

            Simple greed is what allows this to go on. A suicide barrier has been proposed 7 times and to date, no one is willing to pony up the 15-20 million dollars to complete it, or to risk the asthetics and the tourist attraction. Becoming a suicide magnet was a concern from the time the bridge was first proposed. The bridge was originally designed with 5.5ft rails and was touted as "suicide proof". Between the time of design and construction, the rails were lowered to 4ft tall. Like the Titanic, looks were more important.
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              Archway bridge became the most popular spot in London for suicides, after Tower Bridge was 'made safe'.


              In the picture you'll see the high fence and spiked rail they've installed since i was a kid living near there in the 60's.

              It also marks (roughly) the line between two London boroughs, Islington and Camden. Note also that just south of the bridge has two more things of interest. 'Dick Whittington's CAT' and the Whittington hostital where i was born.




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                TEAR DOWN THE BRIDGE, I SAY!!!: or would if I was a left-wing kook.

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                  Four Die A Month One Dies A Week

                  With all due respect to the "general" noted above the most recent statistics quoted by the Marin Coroner over the last month indicate that four die a month at the Golden Gate Bridge.

                  Mary Currie Bridge spokeswoman indicates that "they save" 75% of those who come to die - simple math shows if 4 die a month but that is only 25% of those that try to kill themselves then four try a week - one dies a week.

                  Morover, I would suggest that it is not the publicity that draws people to the Bridge but depression and menal illness.

                  Finally, people choose death at the Bridge because of the lack of publicity as to the horrible fate suffured by those that jump. Most dont die of impact but drown in their own blood generated by the traumatic injuries they suffer when they impact the water.


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                    In 2005, the unoffical count was stopped to reduce attention from potential jumpers. The count at that time was about 1300. The bridge was opened May 27, 1937, how does that work out to one death a week? There were 34 confirmed jumps in 2006.

                    I didn't say that people commit suicide because the bridge is a tourist attraction, but that the bridge attracts people who want to commit suicide. Many of the victims are not local residents, I remember an English guy a few years ago, and there was even one fellow who flew in from the east coast to commit suicide to protest the election of Ronald Reagan. The documentary was not sanctioned by the Bridge Authority and the permit optained for it did not mention suicides.

                    In 1959, a Chronicle story on the "enigma" of bridge suicides quoted East Bay psychiatrist Malcolm A. Sowers: "When someone jumps from that bridge, he is, in a way, joining all those who went before. And that's important, I believe, because even in suicide, people don't like to be too far removed from the herd."

                    In January 1933, two classmates from a Tokyo school jumped into Mount Mihara, an active volcano on the Japanese island of Oshima. Weeks later, six more leaped into the volcano. Soon tourists were gathering to witness the suicides, which totaled 140 that year, 160 the next. Barriers were erected; it's no longer a suicide destination.
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                      The study, released on Monday by Marin County Coroner Ken Holmes, whose office handles most deaths from the bridge, showed that over 85 percent of the people who jump are Bay Area residents. The average jumper was 41.7 years old; men outnumber women nearly 3 to 1; and whites account for 83 percent of the dead, Holmes found in his review of data from January 1996 to July 26 of this year.

                      On average, two people per month jump to their deaths from the bridge, Holmes said, but the number has recently increased to nearly three a month.


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