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    Ok, it's actually in the US, it is the master list for getting your phone number away from telemarketers.

    Just a reminder... registration for the list opened in 2002. If you, like me, were one of the ones who added your phone number in 2002, then you may be nearing the magical 5-year mark (i.e. 2007) where you need to re-register the number.

    Or, if you live in the US and have not yet added your home phone / cell phone number to the list, may I suggest that now would be a good time to do so:

    I'll post another reminder here in 2012.
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    ...and TPS does it for the UK:

    It's great when you DO get an sales call from India, and you can hardly understand a word they say. Then you ask if they've heard of the TPS...

    I've gotten them to hang up on Me
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      You guys don't have any fun.
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