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Greatest thief? or coolest

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  • Greatest thief? or coolest

    Hard to define or set parameters to. Which era? What would be considered best accomplishment? Highest dollar amount? or most clever or audacious hit ever pulled off. Trains, banks, or even electronic heists. The cat who designed a program for a multi-million dollar corporation & cut himself in for a small percentage comes to mind.

    Names of top of my head are...

    Albert Spaggiarri, ( France 1976).

    Henry Starr, ( US 1893-1921) related to Tom Starr, & Belle Starr.

    Jesse James. No introduction neccessary

    The Great Train Robbery,UK, is the name given to a 2.6 million train robbery committed on 8 August 1963

    Van Meeregen, WW 2. Sold bunch of fakes to Goering. Not exactly a heist, but well, there it is.

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    D B Cooper - most intriguing!


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      Originally posted by Wolster View Post
      D B Cooper - most intriguing!
      My thieving career ended quickly.

      I stole a few dollars from my mothers wallet when I was 6 and decided to use my loot to load up on candies for all my friends at school. When my friends told my Mom, when she arrived to pick me up, how cool I was for buying candy.... after being on the smooth sail run for 6 hours I got exposed and busted!

      { Ungrateful blabbermouths! }

      Did hard time in my room for weeks!
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        There are no 'cool' thieves, just thieves. Try having some personal property stolen and then see just how 'cool' a thief is.
        Signing out.


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          Originally posted by Full Monty View Post
          There are no 'cool' thieves, just thieves. Try having some personal property stolen and then see just how 'cool' a thief is.
          I totallyagree,FM.I,ve never understood this desire to glorify criminals.
          If you Ain't Cav,You Ain't S---


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            Spaggiarri donated loads to childrens charities. He had a beef with the French Government after fighting in north Africa. He wrote on the vault wall; no guns no hate, no violence. This was what made him a hero in France.

            People in the south were angry with the north after the war, towns were destroyed & no repair was done. Jesse James was lionized is a similiar way.

            Regardless of what one's view is on these fellows & their motivations, they become famous for these & other reasons. You may agree or disagree with it, butthere it is.

            Many feel the government is a thieving organization, & those who face em or beat em are considered heroes.


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