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  • Here's to being wrong

    Well the news is NOT looking rosy.

    Been watching Dean, and well, what to do with New Orleans may just be a matter of waiting, and then becoming academic.

    Could this be the start of the resumption of nasty hurricanes? I'll take the hit and gladly be wrong eh. But, it's just as easily possible that mother nature was merely goofing off for 2006.

    Insert rambling about global warming here. Hey who cares what is causing the increase in yer miseries down south eh, tell it to the people down south.

    "Oh these hurricanes are not indicative of anything serious" yeah, I'd like to watch someone actually try telling anyone there that eh. I'll bring a first aid kit with me.

    Actually, this is also where I suggest, those of you wanting to invest, might want to consider bottled water companies, plywood making companies and drywall making companies. This could be a profitable year season.

    Myself, it's been a bit warm here this year, certainly ain't been what it has been down south. Was bad enough one week I decided screw it I'm buying an A/C. It's turned off currently. Went to get groceries and blimey, it was cold and windy, what the heck? Also got a sunshower for my efforts.

    I am hoping the US south half doesn't simply go from being baked, to being soaked. Sure is rough living in the portion everyone seems obsessed with going to in our winter.
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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