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    I'm just curious how many languages(besides English of course)and of what type,you can speak......

    I know English,French,Hungarian,a little German

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    well, not all that much.

    English,French,(very little)Russian and Spanish, +German, of course.
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      Originally posted by Victor1234
      I'm just curious how many languages(besides English of course)and of what type,you can speak......

      I know English,French,Hungarian,a little German
      Hey I thought I have monopoly on Hungarian here
      (Where is your Hungarian coming from?)

      Hungarian, some English, little German and Russian...
      a brain cell


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        English, Japanese (reading, writing, speaking) and trying to get more German under my linguistic belt
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          Dutch, German[speach is pretty much okay but writing not], english and a little french
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            English(Americanized), And pieces of Spanish and German(Written mainly)
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              Several forms of English, kliene Deutsche, I took two years of Spanish and it immediatly escaped me. I need to refresh but I just don't do Spanish well.


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                English, a little Spanish (can read it better than can speak), a little Swahili but not much (lived in Kenya for 5 yrs.)

                I wish my grandparents on my mothers side had lived long enough to teach me Hungarian but they didn't and my mother only knows a little

                Thanks for looking!!


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                  Just English really.

                  Can understand a bit of written French.

                  Latin I did in School so there is a bit knocking around inside the old memory still.

                  At the moment I am trying to improve my Irish big time.

                  So far it has been an enjoyable experience, unlike school, which was a nightmare!


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                    I know American English, American Sign Language (which is counted as a foreign language in America ) and Spanish languages.

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                      English mainly, some Spanish and German.


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                        Mother tongues : spanish and french
                        Read both languages as well as english and italian. Speak and write all of the above, with various degrees of fluency.
                        Have learnt German up to college - still can read it (even if a dictionary could come in handy from time to time), would be laughed at if I tried to speak or write it. I can undertstand what is going on in front of written dutch or portuguese.
                        My latin is too rusty to mention...
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                          I know German, French and Russian, and of course Scandinavian languages are no problem. The older I get, the more I forget. In the end, I will only command the language of heroes and glory, er that is Swedish!
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                            fluent Russian, Chechen, Indonesian, only basic in Hebrew and Spanish.
                            Now listening too;
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                              English, job-site Spanish, household Thai, and war-buff German.
                              I could probably survive in any of those three foreign countries if left on my own, but by no means would I say I "speak" those languages. I took a total of 4 1/2 years of German in junior high through junior college but failed so miserably that that's what it took to satisfy my very basic foreign language requirement for my chemistry degree. I probably know the most Spanish because of pure exposure: "Aguadar herremientas, vamanos para la casa!"
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